The stork

Boy am I tired. I worked at a different location today and tried to get as much done as possible so I didn’t have to go back for a while. Didn’t quite make it, but got a lot done.

While I was there I got a phone call about my blood work this morning. I go back on Thursday morning. I guess my blood didn’t warrant going back on Wednesday like she thought I probably would. I guess things are still small :/ The lady on the phone tried to schedule me for 8:45am and I was like no I have to work, I need it to be early like 7:30-7:45. She tried to tell me they were all booked because they were in the middle of an ivf cycle. I told her I can’t I will be working off site. She finally said come as early as you can (they open at 7:30) and it is usually first come first serve. So maybe I will get there before an ivf person and hopefully it won’t take too long. I’m staying at two clicks above 50iu still. While I was there I also scored two containers of follistim needle toppers. Sweet. I was down to four needle tops for the follistim pen. They never seem to send enough for me. I guess they don’t plan for people who use many low doses over a long period.

My parents are out of the country at the moment. Right now they are in Hungary. My mother has been emailing me from the ship they are on at the moment. I had to share this email with you guys.

“This is a TRUE story. Today, Dad and I were walking along a street in a small village in Hungary. Over my head I saw this BIG bird fly by. It landed on a huge nest on the top of a chimney. It was a live STORK. It looked right at me and opened its mouth to squawck!! And then, as if it had delivered its message to me, it flew away again. THE TRUTH. 🙂

My mother saw a live stork and it gave her a message! I sure hope it was telling her that he was coming to visit me soon. That would be so awesome.



  1. That’s an awesome story!! I really hope that was your stork telling your mom to start preparing for a grandchild. Good luck to you in the coming days, hope those follies continue to grow.

  2. rainingblossoms

    What a great story. It sounds like the kind of thing my mom would notice. I hope it was an omen for you! I hope everything is growing as it should.

  3. hollytraveling

    Wow, that’s such a great story. The stork is on his way. Don’t you worry.

  4. wow what a great story! I hope it was a sign that the stork is visiting you very very soon!

  5. I want a stork visit!! That is awesome!!!

  6. What a sweet story. So sweet in fact it gave be goosey-bumps 🙂 I bet that was the message!!

  7. That is too funny, but it just has to be a good sign…I mean c’mon, how many people see a real life stork!! Good luck on Thursday, hopefully by then you’ll be close!!!

  8. What a great story! I really hope it means some amazing news is in your very near future!!

  9. Love that story! Here’s to your very own stork delivery…and soon! 🙂

  10. Pie

    Gosh, I always had tons of those follistim needles left over – they jacked me up on such high doses, I’d only use like 2 or 3 needles in a pack- so 6 or 8 left over. I’ve disposed of them all or I’d offer to send them to you.

    And that is a good omen story! I’m hoping the stork comes flying by you soon!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that email – what are the chances of that?! I hope it’s definitely an awesome omen! Also – that’s great about the needles – what a pain to have to go and get more! sorry to be MIA for a while. IVF’s over now – so I’m back! Thanks for all your comments!

  12. omg, your mom is adorable. i love this post!

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