Twelve *edited*

Just finished another monitoring appointment with two clicks above 50 iu of follistim. When she started I thought my lining looked a little thicker. It measured at 3.9 something. I think that is up a tiny bit from last time. My biggest follicle was 12mm which grew maybe one mm or so since last time. My body is sure taking it’s sweet time this cycle. I wonder what made me respond faster last time.

Anyway, I feel like my body might slowly be starting to get into gear. At least I hope so. We will see what they have to say later this afternoon.


So I am going in for blood work tomorrow, but no ultrasound. I was like huh? I thought everything was small? Turns out they are keeping a close eye on me because I have multiple follicles. They want to make sure they all don’t grow to be mature and they want to make sure I don’t surge on my own. I don’t see how I would since I only have a 12mm follicle, but they are the experts not me. She said we are staying at two clicks above 50 iu, blood work tomorrow, and then probably another ultrasound and blood work on wednesday. It makes me happy to think I might get to try with more than one follicle. In the end I will probably only have one dominant, but this is the closest I have gotten to try with two. An they are on the right ovary which is in the right spot, so yea for that!



  1. Pie

    Hey, at least they are growing! I hope the bloodwork this afternoon is good!

  2. LTB

    The first time I stimmed I had really fast response with too many follicles! However, the next 2 times I needed higher doses and had to stim for 2 weeks and didn’t get my iui until CD17! So, don’t worry if you are slow! Our bodies have a mind of their own! but its doing its thang!
    Good luck at next appt!

  3. Growing is good, slow or not. And if I remember correctly, I stimmed slower my second cycle, too. My theory is that the drugs are less of a ‘shock’ to your system, since it has happened before… No guesses on whether I’m right or not, though, lol.

    • That’s what I’m thinking too 🙂

  4. rainingblossoms

    I agree, growing is a good thing…even if it’s in tiny increments. I hope things continue to improve.

  5. hollytraveling

    Wow, I don’t know how you keep all of this straight. Everything sounds great and I agree growing is good. Hope all goes well with the blood work tomorrow.

  6. YAY Right ovary! I’m glad they’re monitoring you so closely – timing is EVERYTHING, isn’t it? fingers, toes, everything crossed for you! xo

  7. Woohoo for that right ovary!! Hope she can bust out a couple of follies for you! Sounds like they’re doing an amazing job of timing everything out perfectly!

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