Planning session #2

Just had my consult with my RE. I am going to get this down so I can remember what he said later and so I can share with you guys. This entry might be a little all over the place.

He said I have had three cycles were I have gotten to try before – counting this cycle that is four. A normal couple wouldn’t be infertile until 12 months, so that is like four months of a regular person trying. He doesn’t want me to cycle forever though. He said that in the maximum he would have me cycle two more times (if I do get to try this cycle) before he would want to do surgery to see what is up. So a total of trying 6 times. He said one reason to do the surgery would be if I had polups or something, but he said my lining has been thin when I start new cycles and when you have your period that means that most of the polyps and stuff leave, especially with a thin lining.

I said I might be able to do the sono since I have gotten used to the internal exams so he said try it after we finish this cycle. If I do well on that maybe I will try the hsg. If I don’t do well on that then I could do the surgery. I think he said he would want me to do the lap and the hyp – sorry for the abbreviations – I can’t remember how to spell the two surgeries.

He said that my hiding ovary could be the issue if it’s so high up and in the wrong place because of my bowels and that with the surgery he could get it back where it needed to be and possibly help my ibs by moving my bowel a bit. Surgery scares me, but for some reason I feel a tiny bit better about it. I’m not sure yet, I will have to think it through. He said that the cervical mucus test really doesn’t tell you much of anything and that if I don’t get pregnant off this cycle then I can go off the metformin.

He looked at my numbers and such for this cycle and he said that he thought they could get me to ovulate this cycle which made me happy. I wasn’t sure. I would be happy if I could try with two follicles. I have never had more than one before. But after this cycle, possibly try the sono and then reassess.

I got teary a little during the consult but managed to hold it in and am feeling not devestated for some odd reason. I asked him if nothing is wrong with my ovaries and tubes and I don’t want to do ivf then what? He said well there might be something up with your eggs, but I don’t think so cause your young and the only way to test that is ivf. He said he thought I would do ok with ivf. So we will see and I keep thinking about it. I really hope I have gotten better and can tolerate the sono and the hsg. That would make things easier. He said he would give me a valium if that would help. Not sure if I could go back to work on that though.



  1. That’s a lot of info to digest in one consult. I’m glad he thinks he can get you to ovulate!! Yay!

    I’ve done an HSG and it isn’t too bad. A bit painful with cramping, but nothing terrible and it only lasts for a few minutes (at least for me). I’ve never had a laparoscopy and sometimes I think I should so I can find out if I have even minor endo, but both my doc and my DH (who’s also a doc) doesn’t think it’s worth it.

    All things point in your direction! With the doc’s help, I can’t help but think things will turn out positive!

  2. Jane

    I was *super* nervous about the HSG, and even cancelled it once at the last minute because I wasn’t ready. I sucked it up and did it the next month, and it was totally fine. I know it’s different for everyone, but for me, the nerves were by far the worst part of it. As for the sono, it was about the same as the HSG, except I didn’t know much about it when I agreed to do it, so I didn’t have the same nervousness.
    I think you’re already very brave because you’re doing the injections! Good luck!

  3. I know what you mean about feeling better about surgery — at least you are asleep, you know? I had an HSG done when I was under anesthesia for my lap. Maybe you could get the HSG and sono and hysteroscopy done in combo with the lap … those procedures shouldn’t affect your healing time/recovery but then you could be asleep for them all and get them all done at once.

    • That is what he wants to do if I can’t tolerate the sono.

  4. hollytraveling

    My RE said the exact same freaking thing when I complained about not getting pregnant yet. I mean, really, the exact same thing. There must be an RE handbook (ummm…I guess that’s medical school).

    Anyway, that is a lot to take in, but I think it all sounded positive. Yay for ovulating (hopefully) and also he seemed to be confident that everything looked good. Did he say anything about whether having more than follicle is good? I’ve only ever had one too, but my tech told me you only need the one.

    Also, I feel so naive but I don’t know what those tests are that you referenced. Are they just to check if certain things are OK? I’d google them, but that’s a scary place for me right now.

  5. Woah, that is a lot of info in one consult. But sounds like a lot of good steps can be taken before you even have to think about IVF. Sounds like your doc came up with a great game plan, and hopefully that gives you some peace of mind. I know the idea of the HSG/surgeries are not fun AT ALL, but if you can find a quick fix…or even better nothing is wrong than at least you know, which just equals more piece of mind and eventually everything WILL fall into place, ya know!! And why do talks with the RE totally make you cry, I swear I’ve never left my guy’s office without tearing up!!

  6. Well it sounds like a productive meeting, if a bit overwhelming.

    When I had my HSG it wasn’t terrible, but I won’t lie… it was uncomfortable. My HSG was also a gong show… we had to change rooms in the middle of it because the xray equipment crapped out. So I had to have the catheter removed and then reinserted (OUCH!) when we got into the new room. I didn’t go to work after the procedure, but the cramping wasn’t too bad after an hour or so. It was definitely the most productive procedure I’ve had. They found that my uterus is slightly septate (a bit heart shaped) and discovered a uterine polyp.

    The hysteroscopy (to remove the polyp) was a little bit more intense for me because they put me under general anesthetic, and it took a longer time to recover. But pain was minimal.

    Here’s hoping that cycle works out very well and you won’t need all these procedures.

  7. Jen

    That IS a lot of info for one appt! I also thought my HSG was not nearly as bad as I was anticipating; not much crampier than a pelvic exam. My dr told me to take 800mg of Ibuprofen beforehand and that seemed to do the trick.

  8. That’s alot of info to go over and think about. Take some time and do what you and your DH feels would be best. I have had a sono and HSG done. I will warn you the HSG was probably the most uncomfortable test I have done thus far. It was mostly just intense cramping, but luckily it only lasted a few minutes. It’s a great test though to check to see how your tubes look and to make sure they are nice and open. I hope you can figure out what your next steps are going to be. Here’s hoping this next cycle will be your time and you won’t have to go thru anything else!

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