One click

Just got the call back with the results from this mornings monitoring appointment. I didn’t ask what my e2 levels were, but they are upping my Follistim dose by one click. So now instead of 50 iu I will be doing 58.3iu’s for two nights and then I go back in on saturday morning for monitoring again. I was suprirsed to go back in so early, but I guess they want to see what the new dose does and saturday will be day 13 so I must be getting close to where normal people ovulate so maybe they are keeping a close eye. I guess I could ask my e2 levels tomorrow morning when I meet with my RE to discuss next steps. I bet my e2 is a bit higher since there are three tiny follies in there instead of just one, but who knows. I really hope the higher dose helps. Have any of you guys who have used Follistim ever had a drastic improvement in a few days by upping your dose? I’ve never been on anything higher than 50 ius before. Also, can any of you guys think of any good questions to ask my RE tomorrow? Right now I’m thinking of asking 1) what other things can we do besides ivf, 2) how many cycles of follistim can we do, 3) if there is anything else we can do to increase our chances, 4) if we can test my cervical mucus to see if it’s blocking me getting pregnant, and 5) if I can come off metformin.



  1. Al

    I hope one click does the trick 🙂

    GL on Saturday!!

  2. Lol you rhymed!

  3. Hope it works for you! Grow follies, grow!

  4. hollytraveling

    I have no good questions but I hope those follies grow! Hoping for good news for you at the next monitoring.

  5. I have upped my dose before (usually the final dose before the HcG shot) but it was a dramatic increase … for example, from 75U or 150U to 225U for one night. I think they just wanted to give the smaller follicles one extra boost to catch some of them up. I would say it might help them grow but you won’t get any new ones.

    Your questions are the ones I would ask, too. I hope you get some answers that help you make the best decision for your treatment!!

  6. I hope that one click makes the difference, c’mon follies!!! Good luck tomorrow, I’ll be monitoring tomorrow morning as well…hopefully my last one before ER!!! Thinking of you!

  7. good luck with the increased dosage! hoping those 3 tiny follies are 3 big follies tomorrow!

  8. hope those 3 follies keep on growing ( and make some new friends too)…you have a great list of questions! i took 100 – 150 of follistim, but that was for a retrieval…so it must be different.

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