Don’t over think it

I didn’t obsess over this monitoring appointment this week, but when I got there I was a little nervous.

When she started she got a lower number for my lining. She said it didn’t shrink she probably measured a different part of it. Then she said that we will probably be upping my dose of follistim. This was even before she looked for any follicles. I was like great :/

When she scanned she found two small ones on my right: a 9×10 and a 8×9. She couldn’t find the left ovary again so she scanned on my stomach and found it. Unfortunately, I only had one folly there at 9×9. Everything is small and yes it’s only day eleven, but I feel like I was quicker last time. Ok, maybe I wasn’t but bleh. Yea, I know each cycle is different and my body reacts slow, but ugh.

When I left she told me not to over think things and that there is nothing to worry about yet, that my ovaries just like to hibernate. I guess she could sense I was a bit nervous about it. We will see what the blood shows, but probably will get a few days off with a higher dose. I really hope the higher dose makes them big enough so I can try. Can’t help but over think things though. It’s just what I do.



  1. Oh, I am so sorry (HUG). It just plain sucks to not respond as well as the rest of the planet! I have 100% been there with the lackluster follie growth. It is hard to not overthink it, that is for sure. But I’d say just hang in there- everyone is different, and if you take a little longer to get good eggs, then so be it! Will be praying for peace for you today (hug)

    • Thanks, I need it! I’m trying not to have my mood affect how I interact with people at work, but it’s not working that well.

  2. Hang in there … your lining is doing well and you do have several follicles, so hopefully with a little more time and maybe a slight increase in dose they can get you where you need to be! Fingers crossed!

  3. Al

    I’m sorry, hugs!! I hope the next appointment is much better. FX.

  4. Sorry things aren’t going as fast as you want them to this cycle. Hang in there, I am sure something will happen fir you.

  5. Jessica

    I hope you follies have a growth spurt before your next ultrasound. Grow follies grow!

  6. My follies are slow responders, too. They take their own sweet time to grow, but at least they grow! Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

    Good luck!

  7. fingers crossed that the higher dose does the trick!

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