Follistim take 2

So today I had my first monitoring appointment for my second cycle of Follistim. Today is day 8. I went in thinking that I could feel a little bit of something happening, but that it’s way early so don’t get your hopes up. I do have a nice bruise on the right side of my stomach that seems to absorb all the injection spots I do on that side. I think I’ll take a break from that side.

They of course could not find my left ovary AGAIN. Next time they are going to try to scan on my stomach so I really hope that will help. They said don’t worry too much though they can track whats going on with my hormone levels. It seems like finding my ovary has gotten increasingly harder than it was when I first started cycling with them. I don’t understand why. Anyways, I have a 9mm on my right side with other smaller ones. Last time my big follicle was on the left side so we will see. It makes me nervous that my follicle is small, but it is still early. My lining is already triliminar and at 4 something which is way early for my lining! Wowie. Usually when I do get to try I only make it to 6 something which is ok, but compared to a lot of you guys it seems thin. So if I am at 4 something on day 8, it can only get better right? Yea for that. My next monitoring appointment is this thursday and my meeting with the RE is on friday. In the mean time I keep going with 50 iu of Follistim. I hope all continues to keep looking positive and keep growing!



  1. I never understand how they don’t find an ovary LOL. I hope that right side follie keeps growing as does your lining!

  2. Fingers crossed for you. I am triggering tonight on day7. Holy crap, my body responded to the follistim!

  3. Jessica

    I hope that follie keeps growing!! Good Luck!!

  4. hollytraveling

    Sounds like a great appointment overall. Grow follie. Grow. Good job on the lining. I’m only a day behind you. Cycle buddies yet again.

  5. I hate that they can only find 1 ovary – how frustrating. However, the E2 levels will tell them if the follies are growing – so that I love! I hope Thursday brings some big follie news!!!

  6. That’s some awesome lining!! And, yeah, seriously–find the freaking ovary u/s techs! Glad the E2 levels are showing some excellent follie action. 🙂

  7. Good luck! Your lining seems to be doing really well! It’s so hard to predict what your body is going to do in each cycle.

    I hope the stomach scan will help find that ovary!

  8. Slow and steady, I think this is all good stuff!! Except that they can’t find the dang ovary, do they ever have you press down on your stomach to help them…I’ve had to do that a couple times. But still, annoying…grr!

    • They do that all the time, sometimes it seems like that pushes it out of the way. It’s always something.

  9. Glad the appointment went well. Sorry for the MIA ovary (is it always the same tech?) Fingers crossed for continued great follie growth and fluffy lining!

    • There are three different techs that can’t find it. Only one in the whole place seems to be able to find it.

  10. hope the elusive leftie gets with the program for your next scan! good luck! grow follies, grow!

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