Egg Meeting Sperm

I am tired and ready to go home. Yet, I have another hour of work to go.

I haven’t gotten all my answers yet about this cycle, but I have gotten some. I have my baseline scheduled for tomorrow morning before work. I asked how much Iu of Follistim I would be on and my patient coordinator said they would decide that tomrorow at the baseline ultrasound. I guess they want to get a look at things and see what my hormone levels are doing. I’ll blog about that tomorrow.

The nurse who talked to my RE said that I have two options. Well really three. The first option is to do an injectable cycle like last time minus the femara. This is what I chose to do. The other option was to sit down with my RE for a consult with him to discuss my cycles and such. She also said that I could sit down with him in the middle of this cycle if I wanted to do that as well. I think the consult option came about because when the nurse called me yesterday and asked me what we were doing this cycle. I was like well I’m not sure, because I was thinking that you learn things from cycle to cycle and I didn’t want to say we are doing things exactly the same if things needed to be changed. I talked with my husband and he doesn’t think that we really have anything to talk to him worth having a consult.

However, I do have a few questions that maybe the nurses who do my scans can answer, I’m not sure. Or maybe you guys can give me some suggestions. I am not sure who the right person is to ask. It just seems like the Follistim worked really well and got me to ovulate and have a regular cycle length which is great. Now, my problem seems to be getting the egg to meet the sperm and implant. What can we do to make that side of the equation work more? I am already using progesterone suppositories twice a day during my two week wait and my lining was high 6 something and triliminar. I know it could be thicker and maybe it will be this time since we are starting out with Follistim straight out instead of using Femara as well. When we do BD I have my hips up in the air for 20 minutes each night. Is there anything else that I can do or is it just luck that the two meet and we get pregnant? Anyone have any suggestions? Do you think these questions warrant a RE consult? I’m thinking he would just say that doing an injectable cycle is not a guaranteed thing and all we can do is try.



  1. Kelly

    IMHO, I think you have some excellent questions that would definitely be good to talk to your RE about. You’re looking to maximize your chances and explore your options to the fullest (and also understand completely what’s going on) and that’s a good thing.

  2. Hmm…I know we were wondering the same thing after I ovulated 2 times on Femara AND did IUIs. I forgot – what’s your DHs sperm like? We decided that since I was ovulating and since my uterus looked fine that we should IVF with ICSI to insure that a sperm was getting in there. I’d defintiely talk to you doc about what he thinks the situation is – even if it’s mid cycle. xoxo

    • My husband’s sperm is fine. So it’s all me why we aren’t getting pregnant.

  3. Hmmm, I was going to ask the sperm question too. Beyond that, I don’t know what to suggest asking. I really hope that you are able to get the information you need, and that this cycle will be your last (in the BEST way possible) for quite a while.

  4. Jen

    I would think doing any IUI would be your best bet, just to give you even more of a chance to have everything in sync.

  5. hollytraveling

    I wish I had the answer to this and was wondering it myself. When I asked my RE, she explained it like this: “fertile people can take up to 12 cycles to get pregnant, and for us IFs on medication, we expect the results to be immediate, but it’s no different than the fertiles, because all we’re doing is giving ourselves regular cycles. It can still take up to 12.”

    That calmed me down last cycle. This cycle not so much, so I think it’s definitely worth asking your RE. Let me know what they say.

  6. I think they are good Qs but I think your RE might say what you think he will. You responded awesome and with Follistim it can only get better. If you are comfortable with IUIs they can increase your odds by 5% per cycle. Personally, I never get CM (umm, TMI?!) so I know I need them…we need help getting the swimmers from A to B. Ummm, if I ever get to trigger that is! Hugs to you and go rock this next cycle. You will, I just know it.

  7. EC

    It seems like you are on the right track with Follistim…so I would say the only other thing you could do is IUI, if you’re interested (I don’t think you were doing that already). I wish I knew the answer!

    • I haven’t had an iui yet because I’ve been a bit scared too because I’ve got some anxiety in regards to doctors and such. I’m thinking about it this cycle, but not sure yet.

      • EC

        I just realized it sounded like I meant that I wish I knew the answer to whether or not you had tried IUI, but I really meant that I wish doctors would know how to increase the chances of the egg and sperm meeting (outside of IVF), and then how to increase the chances of implantation. Sorry – I was in a hurry! 🙂

        I think IUI increases your chances by about 5%, so it’s not a massive improvement. Maybe you could give it another try on your own with follistim and see what happens? You’re finally ovulating, so it might be worth trying another cycle or two without IUI to see how it goes.

        I actually would plan to meet with the RE, just to get an overall idea of the plan he has in mind. I would want to know how many cycles he would want me to try on Follistim, and what the next steps would be if I still wasn’t pregnant after that. Even though they might make some adjustments each cycle based on your response, it seems like most RE’s have a general plan they follow, especially in terms of the number of cycles they’ll let you stay on the same medication. Some seem to only want to try a few cycles, where others are willing to go much longer. It might be good to meet with him to just see what his thoughts are, overall.

        Good luck!

  8. i wish there were easy answers to your questions. i think an IUI might help to give you a better chance of success. at least then you know the sperm is definitely getting closer to the egg(s). good luck this cycle. i’m rooting for you!

  9. My CM was too thick (even using Robitussin) so we had to do IUI. DH’s sperm were fine but they just couldn’t get through. Also, I have heard of women using Viagra to thicken their lining. 6 mm trilam is good, but I know my RE wanted at least 9mm with an ideal of 14 mm.

    I am glad you get to start up right away and the Follistim only cycle sounds like a great idea!

    • How do you know how thick your cm is and if it’s hurting your chances?

  10. So in my opinion I think a consult never hurts, I know I don’t have much access to my RE, and the nurses are the ones I talk to most. So when I have a chance to consult with him, I take it…because there’s usually something I can think of asking. So in your case I would definitely take them up on their consult offer. Maybe do it mid-cycle…so you can get this one started as planned, and get a new attack plan for next month.

    And like people are saying, trigger + IUI helps take some of the timing issues out of the equation. Also, it bypasses the CM and cervix…so you know the sperm are getting where they need to be. Defintiely something worth talking with your RE about!

  11. My RE told me that the only way to know for sure why the sperm and egg aren’t meeting up is to do IVF. He said that when we get older, our eggs can develop a hard shell that is hard for the sperm to get through, but there’s no way to know that until you do IVF. It’s such a pain to not have any way to know. At this point, I would think that doing an IUI would be the best way to increase your chance for success.

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