This is the first time I am trying to blog through my email account so I hope this will go well.

Just got a call back from the nurse. Negative as I knew. She said I did ovulate though, which is good. She asked me what I had talked to my RE about as far as next cycle steps. I was like uhm, I guess we were going to do another injectable. We didn’t really talk about what to do after the first cycle. I know that things can change once they see how you do on one cycle of injectables. I was like shouldn’t you be telling me what my next step is? Didn’t sound like she wanted to put me on bc pills though. She didn’t seem too worried in that they could only see my ovary that one time. She said that even though they couldn’t see it they could see my estrogen rising nicely and could tell when I was going to ovulate so they didn’t miss anything.

She said that she would have someone call me tomorrow as far as setting up my baseline. I am not sure why she couldn’t do it over the phone then. I will probably have it wednesday morning. She also said that she would talk to my RE today and get back to me tomorrow as far as to what he thinks the next steps should be. I think it will probably be Follistim and even the same amount, I’m not sure. I would just like to have him say what amount then guess to having the exact same thing as last time.

I’m actually doing ok. I’m sad in that I have to keep doing this over and over and now I have another month to inject myself in the stomach and have another 2ww. Though the Follistim didn’t treat me that bad. Period is in full force, with cramps and heavy flow so I guess that’s good. I have the thought that we are coming up on one full year of cycling with my RE soon in my head. I started with him in June and I think my first Clomid cycle started in July. I know that a bunch of you guys have been trying for a long time, but have you guys been cycling with your RE for over a year? Didn’t help that when I walked back to my office after the phone call I saw a hugely pregnant woman obviously near the first stages of labor.

Tonight I am going out with the hubby to Red Robin where I am giong to eat everything a burger and french fries. I also bought some great chocolate chip cookies to have after she called me so I can have them now. Thank you all for your support in twitters, emails, comments etc. It means so much to me and I couldn’t have gotten through this with out you.



  1. *HUG*

    I’m so sorry it was negative. Sending lots of support your way and hope for the next cycle.

    Enjoy the red robin and cookies! yum

  2. Al

    I’m sorry for the BFN. Hugs. Enjoy Red Robin and the cookies, you deserve it.

    I’m glad you responded well this time and I hope this next cycle will be it.

  3. I’m so sorry…We both received bad news today. It hasn’t been a good Monday.

    Funny that we both sort of knew that the results would be negative. And I’m with you on chowing down on some good comfort food and getting back to life again.

    • *hugs* I’m sorry you got bad news today too. It sucks. Maybe we can be cycle buddies again 🙂

  4. (((hugs))) But heck yeah to no BCPs. But good news that you ovulated ! And if you had a good flow, then your lining was excellent. Let’s get the stars to align next time! Btw, I’ve been seeing my RE since October and have only cycled 3 times–one in which I didn’t ovulate, one in which I did but my lining was super thin, and this last one they canceled on CD16. It is very frustrating! Especially when it seems like everyone else keeps trying over and over until it works. Hang in there, LFL.

  5. hi – just wanted to send you a *hug* and to say hang in there :o)

  6. I’m so sorry! It helps to be prepared for a negative, but not so much, I know from experience. But it’s good news that your body is moving on to the next cycle well — one of these cycles will be your magic one! Enjoy your burger, it sounds like a great treat for a day like today!

  7. I’m so sorry it was negative. It’s just awful to sit and wait for those results when you know the negative is coming. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. hollytraveling

    Well, I’m officially out with you. AF today. Went out to dinner too. Good news on no BCPs. We’ll get em next time.

  9. glad to hear you most likely won’t be on bc and that you ovulated. I am still sorry that you have to go through another cycle though *hugs* enjoy your comfort food and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you that this cycle will be THE one.

  10. So sorry hun, it just sucks!! But at least you know you responded to the follistim, and you can jump right back into cycling. I hoping SO hard for the the stars to align this month for you!!!

  11. I’m so so so sorry about your news today. Thinking about starting again can seem impossible. I’m happy though that you are looking towards the next cycle – I’m really happy you think there won’t be BCPs involved, they are the worst. AND I’m really happy that you ovulated! I’ve only ovulated 2 times that we know of and I did feel successful knowing that.
    So I hope you had an amazing meal (that ended with an amazing dessert) and that you find out asap about what the next step is – xoxo

  12. I am sorry it was a BFN … I know it is even more frustrating when you add injections to the mix because your body goes through so much. I am glad that they know you ovulated and that you won’t have to be on BCPs though! Hopefully your RE has a good plan lined up for this next cycle. Hang in there, girl … you’re still in my thoughts!!

  13. RATS! I’m impressed that you can be so upbeat. I’m approaching the one year mark with my RE, too. But at least I’ve had the chance to get a bunch of procedures under my belt so I can pretend I’m accomplishing something. And yeah, take some frustration out on that burger! Look forward to hearing about the next steps.

    • I’m upbeat at times and not at others. Guess it’s just how my mood strikes me 🙂

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