Sock It To Me!

I participated in the Winter 2010 Sock it To Me back when it was cold and snowy. I bought socks for The Happy Hours which I think were very cute. I waited for my socks to come and nothing came. I was sad, but I knew the bad weather delayed things so I waited a bit more. Still nothing. Then one day I was on twitter talking to a bunch of great girls. They wanted to know if I had gotten my socks yet. I said no I hadn’t. Then Fertility Chick did something incredibly sweet. She asked me if I would want her to be my sock buddy. She said it wouldn’t be a surprise as to who it was, but that she would still send me socks. I thought that was incredibly nice of her, to volunteer to send someone socks who wasn’t technically their sock buddy. I accepted and was excited to get her package. As far as the real sock exchange I’m a Smart One did email back and had set up a new sock exchange for the people who didn’t get socks. However, by that time I had Fertility Chick so I emailed her and let her know I had a new buddy already.

I received her package just this week. Sorry I’m a little late in getting the pictures up. She sent me two great pairs of socks and a cute card. As I started taking pictures my cat Milo wanted to see what was going on and posed with the socks. It seems like I made the pictures a little too small. Click on the pictures to see a bigger view.

Here he is checking things out again with a closer view of the socks.

Fertility chick wrote a sweet note on each sock and I tried to get a picture of both notes.

Here are both socks laid out so you can see their coolness.

Thanks again to Fertility Chick for volunteering to be my sock buddy and for sending me these great socks. I’m thinking of wearing one of them tomorrow to my beta.

Speaking of beta, I’m a bit nervous. I’ve been good and have not poas at all yet. Yesterday we went over to the in laws to help them clean up some stuff. I went to the bathroom after lunch and noticed a small streak of blood on my pad. At first I didn’t know what to think. I was nervous as heck and it was hard to keep it in while at the in laws and when my hubby was occupied for most of the day. Then I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding. There was not any other bits of blood for the rest of the day and I did not see any other spotting when I wiped. I was nervous as heck that AF was going to show so I was nervous to go to the bathroom! Hubby said I couldn’t hold my pee forever. LOL. So far so good today. No spotting or AF. Though I wonder if the progesterone supps are just holding things off. Though I don’t feel like she is coming any second anymore. I’m trying not to get my hopes up that it was implantation bleeding, but I dunno. Friday I worked and felt tired/sore throat/like getting a cold was right around the corner. The next day it was barely there. So, beta tomorrow. We shall see. I’m thinking of poas tomorrow morning before my beta because I don’t want to hear the news at work and be crushed there. *fingers crossed*



  1. The socks are super cute! Praying all goes well at the beta tomorrow!!

  2. Pie

    Very cute socks!! Fingers are crossed for you!!

  3. Jessica

    Cute socks!! Hoping the beta comes back positive!

  4. Love that you finally got your socks. FC is the sweetest for sending them to you. I still can’t believe that the blogger that runs that sock switch thingie didn’t even respond to your email. That’s poor business etiquette or whatever else you wanna call it. It’s just poor! Bad! Bad, bad blogger! Both of them, your original sock buddy and the one that hosts it too. Bad bloggers!

    GL on tmr’s beta!!! Is it normal for you to spot pre-AF? I would think that it’s a little on the late side to be implantation (but not necessarily for you bc you do have wonky cycles) but some women spot every month while pregnant when they normally would get AF, so it could be that, too.

    As for the privacy screen thing-a-ma-bob, yes, the one’s for laptops are only $40.00. (I found mine at Depot.) The one’s for regular monitors are quite a bit more, around $200, I think.

    • In her defense the person who ran the sock exchange did get back to me. There were eight people who didn’t get socks and she organized another sock exchange so everyone would get a pair of socks. However, by the time I got that email FC had already said that she would send me socks so I emailed her and told her I didn’t need another buddy since I had FC.

      I do spot a day before my period, but I can normally see it when I wipe for a few hours and I didn’t see anything after I noticed it on my pad. So it’s a bit different. I googled implantation and they said that implantation can last from 6-12 days past ovulation and that was day 12 so I’m within the normal limits 🙂

      Ah yea, the privacy screen for my computer is a desktop computer so thats why it costs more. Oh well.

  5. I am so excited for your Beta tomorrow and I’m praying that it was just implantaion bleeding!

    as for the socks – SOSOSOSO cute, and I luv how nice Fertility chick is 🙂

    fingers crossed for grat news!

    • and by “grat news” I mean “great news”…sorry for the typo, lol

  6. hollytraveling

    The socks are really cute and notes are so sweet. Mysterious spotting seems like it would be a good sign. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Come on BFP.

  7. Hope AF stays away for good and that it’s not just the supplements!!

  8. Those socks are awesome, FC rocks! The notes on the socks warmed my heart. 🙂

    That spotting biz sounds like good stuff to me. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, and hoping with all of my heart that it’s your turn to light up blog-land with a BFP!

  9. Jen

    Good luck tomorrow!!!

  10. Al

    Such a cool idea! So sweet of fertility chick to send you socks 🙂

    GL on the beta tomorrow. Will be crossing everything for you.

  11. First – thank you so much for such kind words!! YOU are the sweet one. I’m so glad that you like them! I’m sorry this is a late response due to my crazy work schedule as of late – but I’m thrilled that they got to you in good time!

    I’m sorry that they didn’t bring you luck for this past beta – but know that they take you into this new cycle and I hope they bring lots of positive energy and good luck your way!!

    It was great fun getting to be your buddy!! 🙂

  12. What is a sock buddy?

    • It was a sock exchange for people going to their infertility appointments

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