Day of goofiness

Today I feel like I have had to deal with a lot of crazy things. Nothing horrible, just things that could have made it a bad day, but didn’t. Things that make me wonder if my brain is a bit off lol.

This morning as I was getting my stuff out of the car I bumped my forehead on the top of the car. I said ouch and then went to get something out of the seat and managed to hit my head again! I was like how in the heck did I manage to do it again in less than a minute?

While working on the computer today I started getting this weird pop up thingy to save my file. I didn’t want to save so I kept hitting cancel, but it wouldn’t go away. I finally rebooted and it was ok. Then later in the afternoon it started happening again so I called IT. At first the lady thought I was nuts, but then she saw what I was talking about. It got so bad that at one point I couldn’t even open anything microsoft office related. I spent over an hour on the phone with it and they had to uninstall and reinstall microsoft office. What we think was the problem was my keyboard was pushed under the desk some and was hitting my f buttons and making the menu come up. Oops.

This afternoon I started getting really tired/hormonal/not wanting to work. The it issues helped with that lol. I also started getting a little bit of a sore throat, but nothing else cold related. I googled and found that some people think having a sore throat is a pregnancy symptom and some only had a sore throat as their only symptom before getting a bfp! A lot of people think they are nuts and that they are just getting sick while they are ttc, but I’m hoping it is a symptom. Do some googling and you will see the posts too! Yes, I am reaching. My husband said that I can google anything and pregnancy symptom and some woman will have wondered about it and posted about it. He isn’t convinced.

For dinner tonight we were going to have a piece of ham. Listen to the key word – were. I bought that piece of ham last week and we didn’t eat it. I remembered that we didn’t eat it last week so I planned to eat it this week. Tonight when I went into the fridge to get the ham I could not find it anywhere. I had my husband look and we took out the drawers and still could not find the ham. I swore we didn’t eat it and it was in there! The fridge ate my dinner. I feel very absent minded and goofy today. Hubby said I could swear up and down, but it wouldn’t bring the ham back. So I started standing up and down and swearing. Yes, I’m a dork.



  1. Hoping all your symptoms & goofy stuff lead to a BFP!!! 🙂

  2. hollytraveling

    Oh, hahahaha. That was such a cute and funny story. My favorite line: “The fridge ate my dinner.” Glad you survived the day, and I totally would’ve done every one of those things. I also have a very slight sore throat, but I had that before the LH surge so I’m going to think that’s unrelated for me.

    However, when I searched for it (I think I’ve searched for just about everything else) Google automatically figured out what I wanted, which means it’s a well-searched term, so that’s very promising. Going to read all the posts. Hoping so much for you my eyes are crossed.

  3. All such good, weirdo signs!!! hehe. Lots of love and you know how much I’m hoping this is what we all think it is…BFP!!!

  4. I have googled everything under the sun to see if it was a pregnancy symptom, so I can completely relate. But, you’re on your own with the ham. 🙂 What’d you guys end up eating for dinner instead of the ham?

  5. LOL…I love it. ‘The fridge ate my dinner’ made me laugh so hard (and I really needed that laugh this morning. 🙂 Sounds just like something that would happen to me!

  6. So don’t you totally hate it when you hurt yourself cause you’re not thinking, like it enrages me! The other week my seatbelt wasn’t retracting, and was all loose in my car and my door wouldn’t shut…so instead of taking the time to make it retract I just held the slack up with my left hand and closed the door with my right…not realizing my left hand was in the line of the door…seriously think I broke a finger. If it didn’t hurt so bad I would have been yelling at myself, i swear!!! haha! Either way I think all of this sounds like good good stuff, almost there…c’mon BFP!!

    • Ouch, I hope your finger is ok! That sounds like it really must have hurt.

  7. Haha what a day! That is bizarre about the ham. I wonder what the heck happened to it…

    Waiting with you and hoping your sore throat meant something other than you getting sick!!

  8. I am very curious if one day you will randomly find said ham — maybe your fridge is sentient lol. =) I hope your sore throat is a sign of good things soon to come! Fingers crossed!!

  9. omg- sounds like the story of my life! thanks for the funny post…i hope this goofiness is the #1 sign of a bfp!

  10. bwahahaha, that was hilarious! That damn fridge, eating your dinner!

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