Today I am 8dpo or rather almost finished with 8dpo. Implantation is supposed to start at 6dpo and can last up to 10dpo. I am not really having much in way of symptoms. Maybe something small here and there, but they all can be attributed to something else. Stomach cramps and weird twinges in stomach occasionally – ibs. Little bit of acne – progesterone suppositories. Hormonal when tired – I’m tired and the progesterone suppositories again. That’s about all that is going on. Each day that goes past and I barely have any symptoms I am starting to get sad. I know that I still have possibly six days to get symptoms and some women don’t get them at all this early, but it’s hard. When I’m at work and busy it’s not bad, but when I get home and have down time as each day passes I think about it more and more. I have so much hope for this cycle because Follistim helped me to ovulate at a semi regular time for the first time and that I think I felt ovulation. I know that if I have to try again it will be ok, because we found a drug that I do well with, but I just want things to work this cycle and to not have to go through trying again.

So I guess all I can do is stay busy and wait. The good thing about staying busy is work. I found out recently that there is a side project my boss wants me to work on that will give me extra hours for a couple of weeks which will be great in terms of salary and paid days off. It also allows me to work with the computer program I enjoy again so I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully that will keep my brain busy.



  1. The 2WW is so painful. I’ve also been looking at the progression timeline, trying to figure out if this pain is implantation or if I’m feeling particularly nauseous. Wait, maybe that zit on the side of my face is a sign! My farts were particularly stinky last night, maybe that’s a sign, too.

    I think I’m officially going loco…

    • Haha i’ve had all of those thoughts. Thanks for the laugh 🙂 I’m going nutty too!

  2. *goodluck*!! i was soo pissed when i got slammed at work during my 2ww, but then it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, bc the time miraculously flew by. didn’t get the result that i wanted, but hoping that you do :o)

  3. Sorry you are having a rough 2ww. I know it sucks, but don’t give up hope yet.

  4. hollytraveling

    I feel like I’m on an emotional see saw this cycle. One minute I’m so preggo, the next it’s sure to be another BFN. Totally sucks and I’m sorry to hear it’s been rough on you.

    But like you said, a lot of women don’t experience symptoms this early on. The problem with us is we’ve done every kind of search for every symptom on every DPO that we’ve managed to find all of the women on the Internet who had symptoms from the get go.

    The work distraction should be good though. Hope it helps take your mind off it.

  5. That’s excellent that work is keeping you busy! The last part of the 2ww is so tough. Hang in there!

  6. The 2WW is just horrible. Don’t count yourself out yet. Many women don’t experience really any symptoms and depending on when implantation takes place, there might not be enough HCG yet to experience any.

    (((HUGS))) Hang in there. I’m pulling for you!

  7. I now pronounce you PUPO! Hang in there, LFL. Your attitude is awesome and I have very high hopes for this cycle!!

    • thanks, keep reminding me of that 😉

  8. I’m crossing all crossables that you get a wonderful surprise this cycle!

  9. You’re doing great, just keep busy and this wait will be over before you know it…and I have everything crossed it ends with a BFP!!! Hang in there! Oh, and yes I have a website…www.basicboutique.com, and my jewelry is Baby B. which is on the site! 🙂

  10. Al

    Hang in there – over half done! Try not to analyze the symptoms too much – it can drive you crazy. Try to stay busy and distracted!

    Hoping you get that BFP.

    • Haha, I have been googling sore throat and pregnancy symptoms because all of a sudden I got a sore throat this afternoon. I found a thread where many women who only had a sore throat as their only symptom got a bfp. LOL. gotta stop reading that stuff.

  11. Best Wishes for your BFP in a week or so. Don’t worry yourself too much about the what-if symptoms, you’ll drive yourself nuts, I do it to myself all the time! Can’t wait to hear about your good news soon

  12. I hope the rest of the 2WW goes quickly for you. Work is always a good distraction, although not the most fun! 😉 hang in there!

  13. AHHH!!!! I HATE THIS WAIT! I overanalize everything too…I’m glad you seem to have a good plan to stay busy at work…oh- i can’t wait for the wait to be over!

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