Nothing that new going on in my world, but I didn’t want to leave that post up as my first post. What’s going on with me?

I had a really vivid dream last night. I could have sworn it was real. It was pretty weird. It was half high school – all my friends from high school were in it and I was back in that time period. The other half was present time – my high school friend’s husband was in it and I was cycling at my RE. I was all upset that my ex boyfriend didn’t want to be with me anymore which means I couldn’t cycle again. Crazies. I am pretty sure it’s the progesterone that is giving me the crazy dreams. At least it helps me sleep good.

I decided to stop the eye drops for a bit. I talked to my mom who is a nurse and she agreed with me. My vision will not be getting any worse or anything like that. It’s just a matter of making my one eye have better vision. However, I am talking to a doctor who used to work with my mom and was my pediatrician when I was a kid who is looking into it. He has access to some databases he can look into and to really tell me how much of the drops I will be absorbing. He’s probably going to say it’s fine, but for my own sanity I am going to wait until I hear back from him. He said I was asking all the right questions so yea for that.

This is my first 2ww when I am working and I like it. It makes the time go by so much quicker. Before I was just sitting at home obsessing. Though it’s only the first couple of days, so I’ve got plenty of time to obsess and google.

I have been doing a little internet shopping to keep me busy and I just bought a messenger bag for work. It’s pink with flowers 🙂 I have been following the tracking number and can’t wait till it comes.

Nothing else really to report. I added my turtle tracker back to my blog. Though this time I’m less of a turtle 🙂 Things are quiet here which is good I suppose. I hope you all are doing well.



  1. Jessica

    Glad work is helping make the 2WW more tolerable!!!

  2. hollytraveling

    I think it’s a good plan about the eye drops. It will go a long way to making you feel better. We really are very close this cycle, well at least I hope. So I’ll be toughing it out with you. Let the good times roll.

  3. Welcome to the 2ww! Hope that turtle sticks around for much longer than 14 days!!

  4. You sound so. good. I love it! Keep hanging in, I’m so hoping this 2ww ends with good news!!!

  5. Yay! The turtle is up and you’re already through almost 4 days! I know how hard the 2WW can be — I’m right there with you. We’ll be struggling through these few days together!

    • Always happy to have a cycle buddy 🙂 I hope these two weeks fly by for us and we get some good news!

  6. Glad you’re keeping busy, why does shopping always make the 2ww more bearable. I love it, but my wallet does not!! Have everything crossed for you this 2ww goes super fast and ends with some amazing news!

    • Because shopping is fun and keeps you distracted 🙂

  7. love your turtle tracker! love your new messenger bag! AND i love that you track it online…i ALWAYS DO THAT!!!

    good plan with the eyedrops – it’s always better to be confident with the facts 1st!

    • I LOVE to track tracking numbers. I will keep the window open all day and every once in a while refresh it and see where it is 😉 It’s like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago.

  8. Hey you, sorry I missed so many posts! I just went back and read them … so it looks like you had a pretty good lining and at least one awesome-sized follicle at trigger! Yay to that!! I have everything crossed that this is your last 2ww and you get that BFP!!

  9. keeping everything crossed for you! sounds like you’re in a really great place. 🙂

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