New week

It’s monday again. I don’t like monday mornings, but then again most people don’t. I feel tired and I am hoping I wake up soon. Last night the cat was pawing me in the face because he wanted something, but I wasn’t sure what. Husband says that I should get used to that because I will be a mommy soon. I tell him maybe.

I went to the eye doctor on friday in the big city. The appointment lasted about three hours. Ugh. I had a fellow tell me I might need corneal sc.raping which freaked me out. Then the real doctor came in and said he was going to give me steroid drops to see if that would clear it up. Phew. The doctor said using steroid drops will be ok when ttcing and the nurse practitioner who did my scan on saturday said it should be ok too. However, I can’t help but feel a little nervous every time I use the drop. I just don’t want anything bad to happen if I do get pregnant this cycle.

I took the ovidrel shot at 6:45pm on saturday night. Got a little cramping the next day, but mostly was fine. Last night I started to get some good sized cramping on my left side where I think my ovary is. It stayed with me through when I went to bed and a tiny bit when I woke up in the morning. Maybe this is mittelschmerz or maybe I’m just getting ibs cramps. It was only in one spot though and it was on the ovary I had my follicle so who knows. I do think I have ovulated though.

Last night hubby and I watched a sperm show on the tv. It was really interesting to watch, but made me a little on edge. It showed how much the sperm have to go through just to reach the egg. It made me wonder if husband’s sperm are being attacked as we speak and possibly not make it. I hope at least one will.

Tonight is our last bd and then I start the progesterone suppositories. They make me hormonal, which isn’t fun, but they do make me sleepy for the first few days, which will be helpful in falling asleep early.

I hope everyone has a great Monday.



  1. Yay!! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that this time is it!

    Glad to hear that they might be able to clear up your eye with just drops. That’s a relief. One less thing to worry about.

  2. Drops vs scraping? Yikes… I would do the drops too, but I understand being nervous about it.

    Sending hopes and prayers for a quick tww, and the happiest of outcomes!

  3. definitely sounds like you ovulated, & ovidrel is pretty much a sure thing. Go spermies!!! 🙂

  4. So exciting. This will be your cycle girl i feel it. I love watching shows like that too, its amazing how intricate our bodies are. Just wish they would work better sometimes huh? xoxoxo

  5. YAY, so excited for you!!! And I’m so bummed I missed that sperm show, even if it was a little scary! Sending you tons of good vibes and hoping for a very speedy tww!!

    • They may replay it. You should search online to see if they will be showing agian.

  6. Sounds like everything is good…despite it being a Monday (which I don’t like either). I am so excited to hear how this cycle turns out. I am sending you my best wishes!!!

  7. Are you talking about the national geographic show? I totally want to see that (I’m sure it will show up on hulu or youtube or something). I hope this is the month for you–everything sounds like it’s going great!

    • Yep, it was on national geographic. Thanks!

  8. SO HAPPY you can take drops instead of scraping…yikes!

    As for that sperm – I can sense it battling it’s way onward to reach that egg!!!!! xoxoxo

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