Hiding ovary *updated*

I can’t help but be a little disappointed with today’s appointment. My right ovary has three small ones all about 8mm like last time. She tried finding my left one since it was hiding last time. She found it but had a really hard time seeing anything because of my bowel. She told me for next time I should try taking a colace (a stool softener) and drink a lot of water. I’ll try it, but ugh. She said it won’t upset my stomach so we will see.

The good news is that my lining us getting thicker and she said she could see the different levels. It measured at 4 something. She said that shows something is happening. For today we are relying in what my blood work says for when to come back and how much iu to take. I knew this wouldn’t be a quick fix, but I wish I had a normal cycle length and would be ready soon.

I will update this space later today with my blood results.


I have my next appointment scheduled for Friday morning, the same day as my eye appointment in the big city. I had a feeling I would have to go on the same day.

Thanks for all your comments. You guys are right in that I am going in the right direction and have always been slow to respond. I was just frustrated that she couldn’t find my ovary again and not having mire if an immediate response. I talked to my mom who thinks my bowels are inflamed because of the ibs but not really full of anything. I will still try it though. I have a call in to talk about it further.

So 50 iu onwards and hopefully she will be able to see it next time with lots of follicle and lining growth.



  1. Sorry it’s slow going, but what matters is that it is going! hang in there! 🙂

  2. Remind me again where you are in your cycle. You’re still early on, right? so you have plenty of time to get those follies growing. Besides, you’ve always been a slow responder. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t get discouraged. Hang in there! 🙂

    • Your right. I’m on day 11. I don’t think my lining has been this good so early so I guess that’s a good thing. Hopefully they will start getting bigger soon.

  3. Hang in there! I know that it’s hard, but it definitely seems like things are moving along. You’re just a little delayed in responding (I’m like that, too). Slow and steady wins the race!!

  4. When I had my last u/s the doctor actually pushed my lower intestine over and out of the way (by pushing hard, below my bellybutton) in order to find my ovary. It wasn’t pleasant but it worked and he could see it and measure it. He said often one ovary is hidden by it and that it was necessary to move it out of the way. They never said anything to me about taking a stool softener. I wonder if your u/s was done by someone who’s not very experienced. I hope your next one goes much better.

    I’m thinking of you and sending “grow grow grow!” thoughts to your follicles! 🙂

    • They always have me push hard to move things out of the way. Didn’t work too well. I’ll try it and see if it helps. I’m not thrilled though lol

  5. Sorry it didn’t go as you hoped…but am still ever hopeful for you! Can’t wait for your next update with good GROWING FOLLIE news!!!

  6. I am sorry things aren’t going as fast as you were hoping, but I do definitely feel like this is the best progress you’ve made. Your lining sounds like it’s growing well and is trilaminar, which is wonderful! Hopefully you just need a few more injections to get things going. I do know that with injections it took a lot longer for me to reach trigger than with Clomid (I think that is normal for most people) so hopefully just a little more time … I am thinking of you!

    • Trilaminar! That’s the word she used. Thanks 🙂 I think your right and they did say they expected me to use injectables for 12 days. I guess I just got it in my head that things would happen quicker. That is interesting to know that most people take less time on Clomid. Thanks for that factoid.

  7. I agree, slow and steady…as long as things are getting bigger that’s all that matters. Look at me, I was too quick to respond to follistim and now I’m on bc waiting to start IVF! So hang in there, and c’mon follies!!! Thinking of you!!!

  8. You’re doing great! I always develop really slowly, too (’til this last cycle, but it wasn’t the norm). It drives me crazy. I’m always so disappointed when they don’t grow faster! Three 8’s on one side is great! And who knows how many are on the other side..? Good job getting thru the shots. It took me forever to give myself the first one, now they’re nothin’!

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