Night #3

Tonight will be night 3 of the Follistim. Then I go back tomorrow morning to go see what my follies are up too. I’m really excited to see if my follies are responding and if my cycles will be shorter because of the injectable. I’m trying really hard not to get my hopes up because I might have no growth at all from the last time and my e2 levels might still be low. But I really hope I see positive growth.

Last night I did better on getting the shot. I was actually looking forward to it in a weird way because we were doing something that was hopefully making us a lot closer to possibly getting pregnant. I angled myself so that my right side was angled towards my husband and my left was angled away. I could just look away and close my eyes tight and didn’t see it coming. That helped a lot. It stung again, but after about 10 minutes or so it was ok. I do get a little bit of nausea, but really barely anything for the first 30 min after the shot and than it’s fine. Today I was feeling very bloated and crampy. I couldn’t figure out though if it was from the Follistim or if it was just IBS issues. Either way around lunch time I finally took two tyelnol and I felt much better. I still notice a little cramping here and there on my sides around my lower stomach, but it could be nothing. I could be making crap up. So we will find out tomorrow. I did find out that follicles (on an injectable cycle or not) can grow anywhere between 1-3mm a day. So *fingers crossed*



  1. Hope that things go well tomorrow!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Crossing my fingers that your follies are growing. 🙂

  3. Love that you said you could be making the feeling up – I think that ALL the time, lol! Glad the shots are going better AND I hope you get great follie news tomorrow!!!!

  4. ifcrossroads

    Good luck at your follie check!

  5. I am so very impressed. The whole taking your shots at home, whether it’s you or your dh actually doing the poking, is just awe inspiring to me.

    Crossing my fingers and praying that your follie check will be beyond your expectations!

  6. hollytraveling

    Hoping the best for you!! Grow follies. Grow.

  7. Good luck on tomorrow’s appointment. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts and wishing for really good numbers!!

  8. I’m crossing my fingers for you that everything goes well!

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