First shot done

Last night my hubby gave me my first Follistim shot. He gave me 50iu. I was nervous even though I have done the Ovidrel shot before and it wasn’t a big thing. We watched the video on my RE’s site to refresh our memory on how to do things and then the hubby started putting things together. He was acting goofy to lighten the mood and to make me laugh. He is a really sweet guy. I started getting more nervy once the needle started coming towards me, but I closed my eyes and did it. It wasn’t really that big of a thing, I just don’t like it when the needle is heading my way lol. It stung a little where it went in and it felt like he pushed the last of it in. I didn’t really get any side effects from it so far and I fell asleep thirty minutes later.

Today I am very aware and sensitive to that area. I’m like did I feel something down there? Are things growing? LOL I know I’m a dork. I think I will be googling later today to see how much follistim can make a follicle grow with each shot. Anyone know? I know normally one can grow 2mm a day.

I also wanted to thank all of you guys who read my blog and on twitter. I have really enjoyed sharing this journey with you and getting your cheers of support and experience. Thanks so much 🙂



  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll be taking Follistim as well, so it’s reassuring to hear others’ experiences with the shots. I’m nervous! We have injects class in 3 weeks and they said they prefer if I do the shots myself, which makes sense since my husband travels for work during the week. Yikes!
    Hope the shots continue to go well and you get some great follies!

  2. Congrats on the 1st shot!!!! I know I’ll be like you – wondering what’s going on in there 🙂

    Glad hubby could make you laugh – when we did ovidrel i had to lay on the bed with a pillow over my head. we start lupron in 2 weeks and i know i’ll do the same thing.

    SO GLAD you’re doing the injectables – it seems like they’re gonna do the trick!!!!

  3. ps- i’m totally out of it and can’t remember if i told you i nominated you for an award – so in case i didn’t tell you – i nominated you for an award 🙂

  4. congrats! woo hoo! grow follies, grow!

  5. Leslie

    I found the first shot to be the hardest one! I am glad that you made it through and are on your way! Hope the injectables bring you great success!!!

  6. Just catching up on your last post and this one. Yay for making it through the injection!! I know what you mean about hating to see that needle coming towards you! I always squeezed my eyes shut, too. Are you feeling any twinges? I know it depends on the person, but I definitely felt twinges within 1 or 2 days after the first injection and then my ovaries began to feel heavy. I was on 75U the first time around. I am not sure how quickly they grow each day, especially at the beginning. I am so excited to hear about your next monitoring and how the Follistim affects your follicles and E2. It made a huge difference for me!

    • I am so excited to go and see. Yes, I am feeling twinges, but I didn’t know if it was too early for me to feel anything like that. Today I feel a little bloated in my lower stomach area and I have been having some cramps. I am not sure though if they are just IBS cramps or cramping from the injections that is setting my ibs off. Either way I’m feeling something and excited to get a peek and what is going on.

  7. Congrats on getting through the first shot. The first one is always the hardest. Pretty soon you’ll be a pro!

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