Monitoring #1 *edited*

Before I left I twittered that I was nervous about my first monitoring appointment. Why? For a couple of reasons. 1 – The last time I was there the blood test really hurt. I made sure to give my other arm today and it wasn’t as bad. 2 – I was nervous that my RE was right when he said that he didn’t think 5mg was going to work because nothing happened at 2.5mg and my levels were really low, but I could try it if I wanted. This made me feel a little more comforted that I decided to add injectables with this cycle. Is it bad that I picked an option that my RE didn’t think would work? I wanted to see how I would do at the normal dose of Femara. I felt like the dose he gave me before was too low. That happened when he gave me 50mg of Clomid and I did well with 100mg of Clomid so I guess we will see.

I got to the office early this morning – there was only one other lady and her adorable little girl. The door was locked though. We waited around and by the time the door was unlocked and we got in there was a lot of people there for a saturday morning. Luckily the woman was just dropping of a sample for an iui in an hour so she wasn’t getting blood work. So I was first out of the whole group. That was kinda of nice. I had to wait a little to get my blood test while the lady was taking care of a few things, but then I was the first one to get scanned and the first one out so that was neat.

I got the nurse practitioner who doesn’t scan me as well as others. I guess it’s good to have her early in my cycle. She had trouble getting it in and finding my left ovary which was not fun while she was looking. Anyways, she said that my lining was thin and that I had a couple of small ones on my right ovary. I asked how small she said about 8mm. That isn’t too bad I guess. Maybe there will be more at my next monitoring visit when she can see my left ovary. I was nervous that since I didn’t get my period and such that this cycle would be funky. She said she would call back with my results and when to start injectables. She said I will probably come back on Monday. I really hope the injectables help and kick my follicles into gear. *fingers crossed* I will update this post when I get my blood work results.


Just got the call back with my results. I start the Follistim tonight at 50 iu and I go back on Tuesday morning. I asked about my e2 level and it was 76. I did a little googling and two sites say that it should be around that level on day 3 before you take any drugs! Shows I definitely need the Follistim. I’m a little nervous about the shot and the side effects, but luckily my hubby is going to give the shot.



  1. I think this sounds like a great start! Sounds like you are responding to the Femara (yay!) and no doubt the injectibles will kick things even more into gear. Hoping your left ovary cooperates next time (what is it with left ovaries?! Mine can be difficult too) and gives you even more follies!

    Keep us posted about your injection schedule. I’m rooting for you here!!

    • Thanks so much for all your positive energy. I really hope the injectables do the trick!

  2. Good luck with the follistim. I am still waiting for AF to arrive before I start. I am not too worried about using the follistem pen it doesn’t seem too bad plus there is a ton of info online.

  3. We used the Gonal F pen, and it didn’t hurt much at all! Once we switched from the pills (Clomid and Femara) and went with the shots, everything just seemed to happen so much faster! I hope it’s the magic wand for you, too! 🙂 I’ll be cheering you on!

  4. liberalgranolagirl

    I respond very well on Follistim and the injecting part is not bad at all with the pen. Ugh, I hate when they have issues finding an ovary-hope your cooperates better the next time.

  5. Oh how exciting girl. That will kick em right into gear. I am so wishing to read some good news for you here in a bit, 2010 is your year, it has to be! xoxoxoxo

  6. Super excited you got the go ahead!!! I responded very well to 50iu of Follistim, I’m SO hoping it does the trick for you. And the needle is super your tummy before and I promise you will not a feel a thing, especially if you’re looking away. My hubby did mine too!

  7. sounds like a terrific start – good luck with the shots!!!!

  8. Good luck with the follistim! I hate shots…that is probably why I never went beyond clomid, lol! 🙂

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