Still chugging along

I haven’t posted in a few days, but not that much is new. I will take my Femara tonight for the fourth night. Only one more night to go after that. It seemed to fly by. I haven’t really had any horrible side effects except for an increased amount of headaches. I can deal. I hear Follistim has side effects like clomid though so I’m not off the hook yet. I go back in on saturday to see what my follies/lining is doing and when I start the injections. I’m interested in this because I want to see how I do on 5mg of Femara (to see if I made the right choice in drugs and if I’m doing better on this dosage like others I read about on the net) and to just see how I’m doing in general 🙂 I think I’m glad I am doing an injectables cycle. I could be wrong, but I think that five days of drugs isn’t enough for my body. I feel like that extra push of injectable drugs as I go through my cycle will help a lot especially with my long ass cycles. We shall see if I’m right.

Work is going pretty well. We took a tour of the office we will be moving into. It’s in a gyn office, which made really happy. Why? No hugely pregnant women! Sweet. It will also be away from the main entrance of and one floor below my RE. Not far to go for my appointments at all. I’m looking forward to it.

Part of my job deals with re.cor.ds and recently what I have been reading has crossed over into my IF life. It made me think about what all these infertility medicines could possibly end up doing. Have any of you thought about how we could be at an increased risk for bi.r.t.h de.f.e.c.ts because of the infertility med’s we take and the procedures we go through? I know what I see is biased because I get all the cases where things went wrong, but it got me to thinking. I ended up calling the nurse at my RE’s office and asked. She said that you are at a slightly increased risk, but that the risks are minimal. I have found that there are studies out there that do say it, but they don’t control for other variables such as advanced maternal age, why the person was infertile, and the fact that many people who use infertility meds tend to have multiples which can lower birth weight and also increase the risk of d.e.f.e.ct.s. So the medical world is debating it. I think we are at a low risk, but it just makes me think.



  1. You sound good! I totally think you’re injects decision is solid. You’re taking things up a notch, and I just know it will payoff!! Keep the good vibes going.

    PS We are one cycle day apart, yay! 🙂

  2. The birth defects thing is why we opted away from femerra, actually. Anxious to hear how it goes and how it goes with the injectables. What is your follistim dosage?

    • I have heard about femara and birth defects. I think it’s that you can’t handle it while pregnant and can’t take it while pregnant. However, by the time I could possibly be pregnant it will be out of my system. Especially with my long ass cycles. I am doing 50 iu a night ( I think that’s the lowest dose possible) until they see how I react to it.

  3. hollytraveling

    The birth defects thing does scare me. I read about that with Femara but in the same story they said a controlled follow up study did not produce any findings to support the theory. But I don’t really know.

    Wish you so well on this cycle! Curious to hear how the injections go. If this cycle doesn’t go well, they may suggest it for me in the next month or so. Also, I’m on 7.5 mg. That’s super high, isn’t it? Best to you.

    • I think 7.5g is one of the highest levels of Femara you can go. It’s like being on 150mg of Clomid.

  4. You’re almost there! I think the combo of femara and injections was the right decision. I responded really well to clomid, but it thinned my lining a lot. With femara, I didn’t respond as well, and I think that might be the case with a lot of women, so combining that with the injections was probably a good idea.

  5. Hi! I know I’ve freaked out about the side affeects of these drugs…but more so about things like osteoporosis and cancer….very scary!

    I didn’t know Follistim reacts like clomid…grrr….clomid makes me nuts…well-here we go!

    Glad it’s all moving along for you! I nominated you for an award too 🙂

  6. EC

    I’m glad things are moving ahead, and that you’re feeling ok!

    I hadn’t thought much about birth defects for any specific medications (because I agree – it seems like they would be out of your system by the time you’re actually pregnant), but I have been concerned about the long term effects of taking fertility medications. Overall, it seems like everything related to infertility – treatments, medications, causes – needs more research.

  7. Wow, you are getting there!! I can’t believe you’re already nearly finished with the Femara.

    The birth defects thing didn’t really concern me until I read the insert for the progesterone-in-oil shots. It was like “do NOT take when pregnant” and talked about various birth defects, but then obviously I HAD to take it post-ovulation (or post-egg retrieval) and then you keep taking it for a while pregnant. It freaked me out. Luckily I didn’t need it for long, but still. One more thing to worry about. I guess you just have to weight the risks and benefits and do what is right for your family, you know? But it’s definitely scary.

  8. Al

    I’m glad you’re feeling good on the meds this month. I hope things look right on track on Saturday.

    And so awesome that your work is so close to your REs office – it really does help, doesn’t it?!

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