Still missing

It’s now Wednesday afternoon, almost Thursday. AF is still missing although I have had some cramping, crazy moods, forgetfulness, and a tiny bit of boob soreness. This keeps me wondering if she is going to show up any second, but as soon as I check she is still not here. I have decided that Friday sometime I am going to call back to my RE. I am supposed to wait until 14 days after the last pill, which will be this coming sunday to call. However, my patient coordinator will not be there on the weekend. I want to have a plan in place for Monday. Either she will come this weekend and I’ll just have monday for a baseline appointment or she will have a plan in place for me to do on Monday. I hate having Monday’s up in the air when I have to worry about getting to work on time. It stresses me out. So yes, I’m planning 🙂 I thought about testing today, but I just don’t see how it would be possible that I would be pregnant. I only had se.x once at the very beginning of this cycle when everything was small and the cycle got cancelled which would mean 0% of a chance right?

I was supposed to be writing a Sock It To Me post this week with a picture of the sock I got from my secret buddy, but alas my buddy didn’t send me anything so I am not going to do that. I’m hoping that the weather delays just delayed my buddy, so we will see. I did manage to find a really cute pair of socks for my buddy The Happy Hours.

We are supposed to get more snow tonight through to friday. They aren’t 100% in how much we are going to get. It depends on which path it takes. Either way I am pretty sure I’m going to be working from home tomorrow and then have friday off. So woot to that.

I’m a little behind on commenting on ICLW, but I plan to catch up soon. So don’t give up on me yet 🙂



  1. waiting for AF sucks!!!! I think it’s great to put a plan in place for Monday.

    what’s sock it to me? sounds like fun 🙂

    • It was a thing where you signed up for a secret sock buddy. You got matched with someone and each person sends their buddy a cool pair of socks to wear in the stirrups. They were supposed to have been sent out by valentines day.

  2. I have a sneaky suspicion who your sock buddy is (and it’s not me.) I read on another blog the other day that the blogger messed up and waited to mail her socks. I guess we’ll see if I’m right when you finally do get your socks and if it’s that blogger. Lol!

    And of course, I’m very curious what you learned about Chiari today. You have me intrigued. 🙂

    And tell that nasty Aunt of yours to show her ugly red face! 😉

    • I’d be happy if that blogger was my sock buddy. It’s nice not to be forgotten 🙂

  3. Lin

    I certainly hope that you didn’t get forgotten! And, I hope you get some AF answers soon! It’s frustrating when AF holds off right when you want her to show up the most…but, then again, maybe you won’t be needing injectables after all! 🙂

    • haha thanks. I seriously doubt there is any chance that I could be pregnant.

  4. Darnit, AF! C’mon and let LFL start her injects!!! I think you have a good plan, I’d do the same thing. Call and find out what the next step is. I’m hoping your symptoms mean tonight is the night you finally get your visit!

  5. It sucks having to wait for AF to show! I’m also a planner, too and I hate not knowing what’s going on. Days seem like months when you’re waiting on your body.

    Yay for snow days! We don’t get any of those out by me…Is there a lot of snow in the forecast?

    • Right now we are on the line for snow. So either 6-12 inches or 4-8.

  6. Leslie

    I am sorry AF is still MIA! I hope that she stops playing games and arrives for you soon. That is a great idea to call on Friday just in case she arrives over the weekend. My dr told me often that if AF arrived over the weekend to just show on Monday during u/s times and I did not even have to call.

    Hope the snow is not too bad although that sounds nice working from home.

    • If I didn’t have an appointment on monday and I need to come in I probably would do just that. Thanks 😉

  7. Aww I hope your socks show up soon! Those are really cute socks that you got for The Happy Hours!

  8. hollytraveling

    Wow, that sucks having to wait. Sorry. You must live near me maybe. Have a similar snow prediction. Wishing you the best.

  9. Thanks for the blog comment. I can’t believe that AF is still a no show. Maybe you should test…. although I know how much seeing a BFN sucks royally. Hope the nurse coordinator has a plan of action for you before Monday. Oh and BOOOOOOO 😦 to snow. We’ve had so much if I never see it again I’ll be super happy, yet like you we’re due to get pounded again tonite through until the weekend.

    Happy ICLW…. you’ll catch up eventually.

  10. Hope she shows. Good idea, having a plan in place for Monday. These baseline appointments are a mystery to me… 🙂

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