14 days

Called my patient coordinator this morning and left a message. When she got back to me she said it can take up to fourteen days to get your period after taking prometrium. I’m on day eight. She said to call back when I get my period or on day fourteen. Maybe I should have just taken bc pills, ugh. Hopefully she comes soon and I can rock out my first injectables cycle. Good thing I’m doing ok today because when I came out of the bathroom a couple was looking at their ultrasound pics. I hope this next week flies by and af hurries the heck up.



  1. rainingblossoms

    I am so glad that you talked to someone. I hope AF gets here soon so you really have a great next cycle. As always, I am hoping and praying for the best for you!!

  2. I hate that TTC is all about waiting. Sometimes I feel like that’s all I do.

    I’ve never taken prometrium to start AF, so I’m sorry I can’t give you any advice, but I’m assuming that the nurse is right. I hope she comes quickly!

  3. I’m sure af will arrive soon. Probably in the next couple of days. I can’t wait to read about your first cycle with injectables. I need someone to tell me that it’s no big deal! 🙂

    • It’s no big deal! *grins* I haven’t started yet, but I’m not freaking out. Hopefully that won’t change. The needle is really small.

  4. Waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s the worst. You are doing it admirably well! You are doing great, just hang in a little longer!

    C’mon the freak on AF. Get here so LFL can take those injects and make her baby!!!

    • You tell her 🙂 I’m trying my best.

  5. Leslie

    I am sorry that they are asking you to wait another week. Hopefully AF shows for you sooner than that so you get the show on the road! GL to you!!

  6. Waiting is the WORST! Hope AF comes very, very soon for you!

  7. I am so impatient…that is why I hated TTCing. I have no patients for that bitch AF to arrive. She never comes when you want her to and she comes when she isn’t invited. I hope AF comes on time for you! Good luck with your injectibles!

    • I have no patience either. It’s so hard, but I’m doing my best.

  8. Yuck to 14 days. I hope AF shows much sooner!!

  9. all this waiting sucks! just found out i have to wait more too…i haven’t got AF so while it hought i was starting all this today – i now have to take agestin (like provera) for 10 days, wait to get AF and then STILL take BCPs…grr…..i feel like this is NEVER gonna happen!

    seems like we’re really on the same schedule though 🙂 we’ll tough it out together!

    • Gah, how annoying. I hope she shows and your time on bc pills is quick.

  10. I hate prometrium. I always have the problem that you’re having, except for one time (I took 2 capsules a day for 12 days) AF showed up on the 10th day of taking them. I now specifically ask for provera if I need AF induced. Hopefully the old hag shows up for you soon so you can get to pumping yourself full of hormones. Good Luck and Happy ICLW!

    • from now on I’m asking for Provera as well. What did you do to make her come when she didn’t?

      • Nothing. Trust me I tried everything from warm baths to ease cramps hoping that would help to jogging…LOL. I had to wait only my Dr. told me 12 days not 14 days to wait and then when it was a no show take the Provera. After that I only took Prometrium again one more time. So, I only took it three times. The first time it came early, and then the 2nd and 3rd times I had to end up taking Provera any how.

  11. ifcrossroads

    Waiting is horrible. I NEVER understand why people don’t wait to stare at the damn ultrasound photos until they get in the car. Ugh! Insensitive!

  12. I hate waiting for AF. I hope she comes quick! I think they should start mailing out US photos so we don’t have to see them!

  13. Oh so hoping the little jerk af shows up and soon. I can’t wait for you to start your next cycle and wishing and praying that 2010 is it foryou girl! xoxoxo

  14. Hi and happy ICLW week to you too! Sending you a virtual hug, it had worked wonders for my cyber friends when they were waiting for AF to show up! Let me know if it works for you too!

    ICLW #51

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