Where are you?

I’ve been waiting for AF to show for a while now. I took my last prometrium pill on last sunday. Tomorrow will be a week since I took my last pill. I don’t remember it taking this long to get AF before. I feel like she is coming, but she just isn’t. No, I’m not pregnant – we only had se.x once last month and that was even before we got cancelled when everything was small. I was supposed to come in this morning to have my baseline ultrasound because I thought she would be here by now, but she wasn’t. I got up at 7am just to see if she would come before I had to call and cancel. I thought about moving it to sunday, but then decided against it. I ending up just leaving a message with the answering service to reschedule to monday morning and for them to give me a call back to confirm. What happens if the prometruim doesn’t bring my period? What are the next steps? I have no idea. I haven’t had to worry about this before. Gah, just wish she would show already.



  1. I worry about AF not coming every time I take Provera. It’s yet another wait that we can’t control. I am *sure* she will come for you, I just hope it’s SOON because I know how badly you want to get started. C’mooooon AF!

  2. A

    Last cycle, it took 48 hrs after my last prometrium. I know, that is nothing compared to how long you’ve been waiting, but I know for me during those 48 hrs, I was so impatient for AF to show up! I hope that she comes soon- or that your doc has some recommendations to get the next show on the road!!

  3. Leslie

    I have had this happen before and I know it is not fun. Last summer I remember I still went in for an u/s to make sure everything was OK and my dr said that I had actually ovulated late “underneath” the meds and so that is why it was taking a little longer to come. I hope that AF is here by Monday for your baseline — if not, maybe you could still go in for an u/s to make sure everything is OK. Wishing you the best!!

  4. I hopes she shows for you this weekend. Isn’t it gunny how we are always wishing her to come then hoping she won’t… No wonder the old bag is confused.

  5. I hope AF shows soon! Ugh! I’ve known a few women that it didn’t work for the first time, so they extended it. Not sure what the protocol is to do that though.

  6. I feel for ya – I hate abnormal periods. ugh. I hope she shows for you very soon.

  7. rainingblossoms

    I always worry about AF when I induce it by medication. It always feels like I am waiting for it forever!!! I am so sorry that you are waiting. I hope she comes soon.

  8. Ughhhh I hope she shows soon. I can’t imagine how annoying the waiting must be for you to get going with your next cycle. Hang in there …

  9. Getting caught up… I hope that AF has arrived by now. Sending prayers and good thoughts.

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