Inject.ions Cl.ass

So this morning the hubby and I got up early (well he got up his normal time) to make it to our RE’s office by 8am. I was nervous at first, but hubby kept me laughing. We had to wait a little bit, but all was well. We met with the main pcos lady which I hadn’t seen in a while. She first checked over my records to make sure everything was up to date like our genetics testing for different stuff, which I was surprised about because I have been there so much. Then she got the pen out and taught us how to assemble it and how to get the medicine.

I will be using 50 iu of Follistim a night after I take my Femara. It seems pretty cool and I’m excited to start. I’m a little nervous about getting the whole pen put together and doing it right but my hubby is an eng.inee.r and I think has it down pat. Another reason why I brought him. She said I will take my Femara on days 3-7, come in for a monitoring appointment on day 11 and then that day they will call me with when to start the Follistim. I think she said that she expects me to have to inject for about 12 days or so since they are staying at the lowest dose. Seems like a lot since I’m also doing five days of Femara, but they probably just going slow to see what my body does. Anyone with experience with Follistim have any advice? Luckily, my coordinator had a coupon for a free 300iu of Follistim (half my total dose for this cycle) so I only have to pay for half of it this time. Hopefully there won’t be a next time. I feel confident about this cycle. Higher dose of Femara that a lot of people do good with, I got to tryl with the second highest dose of clomid and this is the second highest dose of femara so hopefully that will carry over, it doesn’t thin my lining, and injectables to give it that extra boost.

Now we just have to get AF to show up. I have a tentative baseline appointment on saturday just in case she does show early. They normally schedule my baselines on monday, but the lady I had my consult with was like no, we want to start things on day 3 so no day 4 baseline. Yea for feeling cared for.



  1. J

    Good Luck sweetie!

  2. Sounds like you are ready for your next cycle. I have read a lot of good things about femara/injection cocktails. Fingers crossed for you!

  3. I have no injects experience but I am SO EXCITED for you, LFL. Yip for this cycle!!!

  4. Leslie

    GL to you!! Once I got through my first follistim shot last year after the anticipation, I found it much easier that I imagined in my head! I found it easier to give them to myself in my thigh instead of my stomach. If you need to, I have heard icing before-hand can help as well. I did not need this but it was suggested to me. I hope AF comes quickly for you so you can get started soon!!!

  5. Jen

    I was worried also before starting the Follistim pen, esp since they would change my dose throughout the cycle depending on how my b/w and u/s went. It got much easier after the first time though, and they needles are so small you can hardly feel them. It’s kind of a good feeling, like “take THAT infertility!!”

    • Haha, that is a great way to think about it. My hubby said that when he injections me he might be like goooo baby!

  6. hollytraveling

    Is this your first cycle with Femara? I’m starting that this month too. Well, Letrozole, but it’s the same thing, right? I’m was also at a higher dosage of Clomid and am doing the equivalent with Letrozole. Anyway, I’m not doing injects, so I don’t have any experience to share, but I wish you all the good luck in the world!!!

    • Thanks 🙂 I did one cycle of Femara before at 2.5mg but I knew the whole time it was too low. I got cancelled because I didn’t have enough of a response. I’m hoping I have more of a response this time 🙂 Letrozole is the real name for Femara. Good luck to you too!!!

  7. I really didn’t mind the Follistim injections. The needle is crazy tiny and you don’t feel it go in — also the medicine doesn’t burn or anything on its way in. Just don’t forget to keep it in the fridge and to let it come to room temperature before injecting. Also, be careful when you’re at the end of a vial … my last dose wasn’t always the perfect amount that it should be. DH found the Follistim pen to be very easy to use — much easier than Menopur!

    Good luck!!

    • How do you make sure you get the right amount at the end of the vial?

  8. A

    I love follistim injections 🙂 SO EASY! Also, my cartridges were always overfilled, so just keep track of where the injector stops at the end and then inject that amount from a new cartridge. Good luck!!

  9. EC

    Good luck! That’s pretty much the same thing I was supposed to be doing this cycle, but everything is on hold until my insurance approves it. It does seem to have good results, though!

    • I hope that you are able to get through the insurance stuff and start as well. I’m waiting to hear how much my insurance will cover.

  10. good luck!!!!

    i’ll be doing follistum after lupron…so any advice you have on it would be great!


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