Still emotional/hormonal, but managing to keep it in check. Work was nice today in that I only worked 4 and a half hours because I had to leave for my second eye appointment. I had a routine eye exam last week and the regular eye doctor noticed the vision in my one eye was down by a lot and noticed spots on my cornea. So I went back today to see the cornea specialist who I had been seeing last year for something similar. When he looked at my eye he says, “Interesting.” I was like uhm, what? He said, “I’ve never seen this before, Interesting.” Not what I want to hear. He did his eye exam and said that what I had last year is different than this year and he hasn’t seen what I have before. He said it’s not one thing because it’s only affecting one eye and it’s not this other thing because it doesn’t do something else. So in the end he is referring me to an eye hospital in the big city in the next state over. This I’m not happy about because I don’t like driving to this big city. Luckily I scheduled it on a friday I have off as does my husband. However, it scares me that the cornea specialist doesn’t know what it is. I asked about steroid drops he said he didn’t think that they would fix them and that maybe they would need surgery, he didn’t know. That freaked the heck out of me. I DO NOT WANT SURGERY. Gah. I am so sick of my body screwing things up so they don’t work right. Why can’t I be normal?

So in the end, my eye appointment is in the middle of march. I am sure I will obsess until then about having to have surgery and losing my eye sight. Hopefully they will be like oh it’s this thing and all you have to do is take drops. Please please be something small. I’m so sick of this crap.

The only cool thing was that when looking up fertility meds that I was on my eye doctor pulled out his i.p.hone and used an ap.p to look them up. That upped his cool factor. Though I am pretty sure he just broke some hippa laws. His voice recorder thing was out of batteries so he went up front to charge it where patients are greeted. There was no other patients in the lobby, but he stood there in the middle of the front desk with his assistant and a receptionist right there leaving himself a note including my full name, my eye issues, and that I was on fertility meds. Fun stuff.



  1. I have a cornea problem, although it’s different from what you have. I have very curvy corneas. It’s called keratoconus. I was told that I might need to have corneal transplants later in life if my vision gets worse, but my last eye doctor said my corneas appear to be stable and not getting worse. Yay! But, bc of the curvy corneas, I rarely wear contacts (which sucks) bc the edges of the lenses scratch and irritate my eyes due to curviness.

    The thought of cornea transplants freaks me out for two reasons: I hate when my eyes are irritated and red. And also, I’d rather not have a dead person’s body parts sitting on my eyes.

    Here’s hoping your eyes are a simple fix 🙂

  2. Ah man, yet another thing. UGH! Okay, this is going to be a lame bright side, but maybe the eye stuff will help distract you from the IF stuff? Like when you stub your toe and forget you have a headache? Eh. Sorry LFL! I just know it’ll all be okay, hang in.

  3. rainingblossoms

    I hate it when doctors “don’t know” something. I know it’s unfair to them…but still. I am so sorry that you are having eye issues. I hope everything goes well in the big city! I am sure it will be okay. It’s always good to get stuff like that checked out.

  4. Jessica

    Oh….I hope you don’t have to get surgery!!

  5. Oh man, that sucks! I hope that the specialist will have a quick and EASY answer for you. Why don’t you try to focus some energy on planning on fun date night in the big city after your appointment?? Just a thought, I always find it easier to pass time and not worry myself when I can find something else to keep my mind busy. Just a thought! I will be praying for you, I hope it all goes smoothly! And I LOVE the doc busting out the iphone, awesome!

  6. Aargh, I’m so sorry they put off your appointment ’til March! That sucks! I wish they could’ve gotten you in sooner!
    Thanks for checkin’ in on me! I’m enjoying catchin’ up on your story since I’ve been MIA!

  7. Go with Femara/injectables over Clomid. Clomid is bad for the lining, so even if you make an egg, it may not be able to implant. Clomid makes more cysts and it’s also really hard on the emotions and hormones. It made me pretty crazy. Femara didn’t have any of those kind of side effects for me. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  8. Oh, I’m really hoping you don’t have to have surgery. That’s so weird that your doc is so high-tech, yet totally oblivious about privacy laws!

  9. Ugh, I am sorry about your eyes. =( When you go to the doctor, let them know you were on Clomid. I can’t remember who’s blog I was on, but she had serious vision problems from Clomid. I think it’s pretty rare and most likely not your issue, but it can’t hurt to mention it just in case.

    I hope there’s a simple answer and an easy fix. *hugs*

  10. Bad news Follie. It is so frustrating not having control over our bodies. My heart aches for you.

  11. EC

    I’m sorry! I would be freaked out, too, but I hope you get good news when you see the dr!

  12. oh man…i hope that appt comes quick so that you know exactly what’s going on and can deal with it! sorry you’re going throught his too!

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