AF must be on her way

because I am sure feeling it today. Things that don’t normally bother me are affecting me more recently and I am a lot more emotional. The pregnant bellies I have around me because of my office environment get to me more. Doesn’t help that I am tired because I just worked a longer day than usual. On my way out I was followed by pregnant bellies. An announcement really got to me today. When I leave work I stop at a bench to put my coat on and get ready to go outside. The bench is right next to the elevators that I use to go up to see my RE. It’s by the front door where everyone else who goes to that office uses. Normally it’s fine. But today, when I was at that bench I heard a girl on the phone. She said, “Mom, so there is only one in there”. Her husband was with her with all the stuff you get when you graduate from the RE (what do you get when you graduate?). I knew just what she was talking about. She must have had high betas or something and thought possible twins. That was the last thing I needed to hear at that moment.

When is it going to be my time? My mother asked me the other day why I keep going from one step to the nex methodically instead of jumping to to the next thing that will make us pregnant already. I didn’t have an answer for her then. I just said that’s what we are doing. I think the reason is that I keep hoping that that’s all we will need, that the little things will work for us and we won’t have to do the big things. *shrugs* I guess we will see how injectables work for us.



  1. Oh yuck. I’m sorry. I hate days like those. (((HUGS)))

  2. Maybe she was talking about “one” follicle. You never know. Anyhow, sorry the preggo’s are out in full force today. 😦

  3. I know what you mean, how it hits you out of nowhere. And all of a sudden you are filled with despair. It really, really sucks. For what it’s worth, I think you are doing great. You have taken things up a notch, in a reasonable and responsible way. There is no reason to skip a bunch of steps–there is no reason THIS cycle’s protocol won’t work. I definitely know how it feels to have doubts, but I, for one, believe for you. 🙂 Hang in there!

  4. HUGS. I know it’s so hard to work with all those pregnant bellies around. There were 4 pregnant women at my building last year. It made it so tough to go to work every day.

  5. Nic

    I hear you on the near arrival of AF. I am feeling it too. I am sorry that this cycle may end in another BFN for us. I struggle with the pregnant bellies but it must be so hard for you and where you work.
    I hope injectibles are the thing that works for you

  6. Oh I’m sorry girl, what a day! Keep your chin up and know you are not alone on days like that! Praying the injectables work like a charm!!

  7. I’m having a serious WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN day, too, sweetie. Here’s hoping next month will be it for you.

  8. ugg..hate that feeling.

    as for taking steps rather than “jump in”…i’m with you…we all want it to be as “natural” as possible and we need to take it at our own pace.

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