Diet Frustrations *edited*

Last night I got a craving for some garlic bread so the husband and I went out and braved the first flurries that were starting to fall so we could have some with dinner. We were bad in that we ate way too much of it and because of that I got really tired and could not stay awake. I could not even stay awake to watch Lost. I know I ate way too many carbs and that is why I fell asleep. I have also noticed that when I snack on carbs I get sleepy as well. Not even a huge amount, but more than a regular serving.

Last night scared me a little. Like I could not stay awake. I did some googling and I didn’t have most of the side effects of hypoglycemia – hunger, sweating – but I did have some issues standing up because I felt like I was so tired I could not stay awake anymore. I do get hypoglycemia normally when I don’t eat enough or late on missing a meal but nothing to do with being sleepy. No more eating that much bread for me. However, it got me to thinking. I know that a lot of PCOS’ers are on a low carb diet and that studies have found that it is easier to get pregnant when following such a diet. I wonder if all my high carb eating is affecting my fertility.

The only issue though is my IBS. Because of my dumb IBS I can’t eat stuff with a lot of fiber. So many things bother my stomach including salads and a lot of veggies. I can only eat very small amounts of it. That is partly why I eat a lot of carbs – it is something I can eat. Dairy, spicy, greasy, fatty, fibery foods bother me but I can eat carbs so I eat them. So this is my frustration. I am wondering if all the carbs are causing infertility issues, but I can’t eat a lot of the foods your supposed to eat on a low gi diet. I guess I will have to find somewhere in the middle with lower carbs and the vegetables I can eat. Sounds like I will be eating a lot of the same foods over and over and it will be harder for me then most. I am going to go talk to my mom who is a nutritionist. She should hopefully be able to help.

Just had a conversation with my mom and we both agreed to put me on a modified low gi (glycemic index) diet. I can’t do all the fiber and stuff that normal people could but I’m going to change my high carb white stuff for more lower gi stuff like white pasta to wheat pasta or white rice to basmati. I’m also going to try to decrease the serving sizes of carbs I eat, have more protein, and eat the vegetables I can eat. Hopefully this will help me with eating healthier, having less carb fog, and more of a chance with pregnancy. I hope it’s not horrible to transition into. Oh and I found out I am most probably IR.



  1. A

    Hope the new diet works for you! (hug)

  2. I almost fell asleep during Lost, so you didn’t miss much. This new (and final) season is already too far-fetched, and it’s only the second episode. I don’t like the new bunch of characters they just added (the ones that live at the temple). There’s already been too much confusion in the previous seasons, so why add even more to the mix? Just my thoughts and frustrations with the new season.

    • Yea it is a little out there. I did manage to find last nights episode on hulu and watched it this morning 🙂

  3. Al

    Good luck with the diet – I hope it gives you more energy and improves fertility!

  4. I hope you are able to find that balance that works for you. IBS is a biotch… I hate it.

  5. I know that you’ve read my story (so I won’t bore you with the details again ;p) but the LC/Low-GI diet DID make a difference for me (even in the way that I felt, not just with IF). I sincerly hope it will for you, too! 😀 Feel free to give me a shout if there’s anything I can help you with.

    BTW…you should check out Dre.amfi.elds Pa.sta…it’s a LC/Low-GI pasta brand marketed to those with diabetes b/c of it’s nutritional values. It tastes very, very much like ‘real’ pasta. We can’t get it in stores here, so I order it online thru It’s been a lifesaver when I want those really carby foods. 🙂

    • Thanks. I know I knew some of what you did, but I’ll have to read again. How long into doing the gi diet did you notice changes in how you felt? I will also keep an eye out for that pasta.

  6. hollytraveling

    Warning: Unsolicited advice from random stranger. Feel free to ignore.

    I also have PCOS. When I was first diagnosed I took a nutrition class because my doctor told me it would help regulate some of the symptoms. Basically, they told me to follow the same diet as a pre-diabetic, and they did say the low gi (glycemic index) diet was the way to go. I too have fiber issues and loooooooove carbs. Like way too much. I was able to adjust my diet though and not totally eliminate carbs. The key is to eat a carb with protein. Never eat your carbs unaccompanied. I adjusted my diet well before I started TTC and I don’t think it really helped, but my cycles are so irregular (as in they don’t happen naturally) that my doctor said the chances of the diet helping to make them regular were pretty slim. One tip I can give you. Breakfast is really important. Don’t eat fruit first thing and try to keep your carbs at 25 grams or under and make sure you have plenty of protein with it. Though it didn’t help me from an infertility POV, I did notice a difference and lost weight almost instantly.

    Probably way more info than you wanted and sorry for piling on unsolicited advice. I know it can be so annoying.

    • Thanks for the advice. Sounds a lot like I talked about with my mother. Makes me feel better to know that even when you fixed your diet things didn’t immediately happen fertility wise. That means I haven’t been missing out on the secret key. Awesome job on losing the weight. I hope it helps me too.

  7. That is some really good info. I wonder how much my diet affects fertility too. Leep us posted on how it’s going.

  8. It sounds like tweaking your diet will def make you FEEL better, which is awesome. And if it helps with your IF, huge bonus! You are doing great with taking care of yourself and being open to change…awesome job.

  9. That is so frustrating that you have to deal with IBS on top of IF. I didn’t realize that. =( I really hope the modified low glycemic index diet you and your mom worked out will help.

    • Yea I have a real alphabet soup: IBS, PCOS, IF, IR LOL

  10. I am sorry your IBS is giving you so much trouble. I am able to keep mine under control, but know how bad it is when I am having a flare up. I hope this new diet does the trick!

    • Right now my ibs really isn’t flaring up because I don’t eat the foods that cause me to do so. That is the problem.

  11. I can’t wait to hear how the low gi diet goes. I have considered doing it but my will power is lacking to say the least! I have heard great success stories and how helpful the low gi diet can be….GOOD LUCK!!!

  12. MK

    I gave you an award on my blog. 🙂

  13. Hi! I’m back! I tried a low glycemic diet – it was so hard i couldn’t do it. maybe i’ll try again for this month. i’m allergic to raw fruits & veggies so i am a carb girl when it comes to snacks.

    good luck!!

    ps- what does IR stand for?

    • Insulin resistance

      • oh! that makes sense. yeah, i have slight IR too…taking metformin for it – which makes my stomach kill…boo

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