I have taken my Prometrium the past two nights with dinner and my stomach is doing much better. Thank goodness for that, I don’t think I could have lasted ten days feeling like that after I took them. I have six more days of taking it and then probably a few days until AF shows. I am feeling a bit of the hormones coming from them and hopefully af starting to head my way. Husband was saying something about how I will be when pregnant and I got teary because I wasn’t pregnant so he should stop talking about it. LOL.

I have been thinking a bit about my next cycle. I talked to the nurse about doing Femara 5mg with injectables. When I read the internet most people that Femara worked for were on 5mg of Femara. I’m hoping that the Femara will work and I possibly won’t need the injectables, but they will be there if Femara completely fails which gives some comfort. However, I have also been thinking about the only times I have gotten to try have been on 100mg of Clomid. Should I be doing this cycle with Clomid and injectables instead? I’m not sure. I got more follicles this cycle then ever, but that might just be a lucky antral count. I don’t know. I do know that a lot more people are finding my blog from searching Femara type searches.

In tech news I put the wordpress app on my ipod touch and I am enjoying using it away from home. I also downloaded a few infertility podcasts from this one podcast. The main focus is on infertility and adoption, but the majority of it seems to be adoption. I downloaded a few files to listen to to see if I like it. I downloaded one on PCOS, one on surviving the emotions of infertility, and one on keeping your marriage strong. I am thinking of listening at work, but I don’t want to get emotional and start tearing up at work. So we shall see.

In closing here is a picture of my snow covered car. We got around two feet of snow on friday/saturday and we may be possibly be getting another foot of snow this tuesday/wednesday.
Car covered in snow.



  1. Glad taking it with dinner is helping. Feeling crappy from a medication is tough to deal with. It throws you all off. bleh.

    Great pic! All these pics of tons of snow are making me sad that we don’t have any and I don’t even like snow! haha River would be so happy to have that much to run around in.

  2. I think your Femara + (if needed) injects is excellent. Glad the meds are going down better and excited for you to get rollin’ again!

  3. I am glad that taking the Prometrium with dinner is helping your stomach! I agree with Jill, your 5mg Femara + possible injectables plan sounds good. You got more follicles this time, and if they stop growing the injectables should give them a boost.

  4. A

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!! I think your next plan of action sounds excellent! Praying that it’ll be the cycle you’re blessed!

  5. Jen

    I also think the Femara plus the injects sounds good, but maybe Clomid plus injects would be good too. Boo for snow; we are getting hit hard also.

  6. I’m glad you’re feeling better, too! The progesterone is a terror.

    I was on 5mg of Femara for two cycles and only had one egg both cycles. The second cycle it took me until CD18 to be mature enough for the HCG shot. I really think that some people don’t respond as well to Femara.

    The Femara plus the injections would be probably be a good combo for you. Good luck!

  7. Leslie

    I am glad eating has helped with the progesterone side effects. I guess I have been lucky that I have not had those while taking the prometrium.

    I think adding injects to the Femara sounds like a good plan. Although, how did the Clomid treat you? If OK, then maybe start with a cyle of Clomid first because you are familiar with how Clomid works on your body. GL with your decision making! Best wishes!!

    I am jealous of your i-pod touch! I would love one. And I am sorry for all of your snow. I know what it is like!

  8. SO GLAD your stomach is better! Hope AF comes soon and that you’re on to Femara!!!! I had better luck with Femara than Clomid, so I hope it works out for you!!!

  9. Do a post on good podcasts to upload sometime. 🙂

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