Today I had another monitoring appointment. I think it’s day 19. I have to check. Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised that I got in to the office, got my blood work and boom got an exam room. There was a new blood taker and I didn’t really like her. She seemed like she was more of a stickler for the rules and didn’t take my blood that well. I have a bruise now where she took my blood.

My lining grew about 1.5 inches or so. I don’t know where my brain is in the mornings, I always seem to forget most of the numbers. But a thickening lining is good. I had one follie on the right I think that was about 10mm and then a bunch on the left. I think there was like 5 or so. There was only maybe one or two that was measurable though. I think the biggest was like 9×12 which averages out to be 10.5, close to 11mm. I think I may have had two 11mm follies. The nurse doing the scan said that she thinks things are slowly starting to happen so yea for that even though I didn’t notice that much of a difference. Follies are maybe 1mm or so bigger. Hopefully my e2 levels are rising. Working in a office environment with no privacy makes it hard to ask the numbers.

My next appointment is this friday. I think they picked friday because they didn’t want to wait six days in between appointments, but I doubt they will get much bigger yet. We will see. I just hope everything is going in the right direction and that this cycle won’t get cancelled.



  1. A

    Will be hoping and praying that things progress steadily and surely!! Even though I had 3 good follies, I think I’m a relatively mild responder, too, so I know some of your frustration. Hang in there!

  2. Fingers crossed for continued follie growth!!

  3. Go follies, go! Sounds like you’ve got some fighters, woo hoo!!!

  4. Jen

    go follies, you can do it!

  5. I got poked by a new phlebotomist today, too. Mine was a talker. I just wrote you a longer reply, but decided to make it my short post for the day. Swing by my page if you want to hear about my experience. Anyways, good news with lining and follies. It is always exciting news to hear you are making positive progress.

  6. It sounds like you are responding a lot better to Femara than Clomid. I am really excited for you!

    • It seems like it. I had to get to 100mg of clomid to ovulate while I’m on 2.5mg of Femara now. Don’t know if this dose will make me ovulate but so far so good. Also on the clomid I usually only got one follicle maybe two that didn’t make it. Right now I have five or six, so we will see 😉

  7. All sounds like it’s moving in the right direction! Fingers crossed for good news of great follies on Friday 😀

    I’m like that with remembering numbers in the mornings though. Can’t get them in my head that early, lol!

  8. yay! things are moving along! looking forward to your report on friday!

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