It is snowing. It started snowing this afternoon right about noon. It hasn’t stopped since. I think it’s supposed to stop by early sunday morning. We are only supposed to get 1-3 inches, but that seems like a small amount for snowing so long.

Yesterday I bought my socks for my Sock It To Me secret person. I think they are cute, but I hope my person will like them. I enjoy getting things done early so I don’t have to stress about them later. Now just have to make it to the post office.

My next RE’s appointment is Tuesday morning. Another four day wait. It doesn’t seem too far away. I managed to get a 7:45am appointment. It is first come first serve, but I feel better about it compared to my last appointment at 8:15. They open at 7:30 so hopefully there won’t be too many people ahead of me and I will have a longer amount of time I am able to wait if I have to.

Last night I succumbed and bought something I have been pining after for a year – the ip.od to.uch. I have wanted something I could check my email with out of the house for a while now as I don’t even have a cell phone with internet access/texting abilities and yes I know you have to have wi.fi to do it. I have also wanted to be able to use ap.ps. I waited till after the last ev.ent in september but was annoyed they didn’t put in a cam.era. I waited till after this most recent event and they didn’t say anything about prices going down. I could have waited till the next ones come out the next september, but that’s like 6 months. Anyways – my point – I ordered one and I am excited to get it. My point for bringing it up is to ask all you lovelies what your favorite ap.ps are. Can you suggest your favorite ones to me? They don’t have to be fertility related, but if they are that’s cool too. It should arrive here on tuesday 😀



  1. Very cool about your i.Pod tou.ch! Enjoy!

    I’m jealous about the snow. We were “supposed to” have a bad winter with lots of snow. So far, that hasn’t happened yet and I’m sad about it.

    Good luck with your RE visit. Please let us know how things go!

  2. yay for a new toy! my fave apps are wordpress for updating my blog on the go, byline for reading my rss feeds offline. i play a lot of sudoku, bejeweled and i also really like lexitron. enjoy it!

  3. I’m dying to get an iPod touch. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. You can make it to Tues, all good!!

    I love my Ipod-y, it pretty much changed my life. 🙂 Enjoy your new gadget!

  5. I got a touch for Christmas (actually using it right now to comment). I love it it is awesome! Hope you enjoy.

    • I’m glad you like it 😉 What program are you using now to read/comment? Is it a rss feed reader?

  6. rainingblossoms

    I love my apps! My favorite game is “Bounce On”…it’s highly addictive. I also enjoy the New York Times app. The Yelp app is great for finding restaurants. I don’t have any fertility apps or anything….but I hope you like it.

  7. A

    I don’t have an ipod touch, but I am entertaining the idea of getting a smart phone or an ipod touch this year 🙂 can’t wait to see what apps you choose!

  8. Jen

    Maybe dumb question, but are the apps for the Touch the same as for the iPhone? I like the Shazam! app. you can hold it up when there’s a song on that you are curious about, and it will tell you the song and who is singing. Pretty cool!

    • Not a dumb question. Most of the apps for the iphone are the same for the ipod touch. There are a few that are different because the ipod touch doesn’t have a camera, gps, or internet all the time unless your on wifi.

  9. Enjoy your IPod touch! Everyone in my family has one but me. Oh well. Let me know how ya like it!

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