Just got back from my appointment with the RE. It was at 10am so I figured I would be in and out since it wasn’t first thing in the morning when everyone was rushing to get to work. I still had to wait about 30min or so. Oh well. Husband came too because he had the day off and just in case I needed to freeze some sperm. It was nice having him there to talk to instead of staring at walls.

I had the lady I like doing the scanning, yea. She always is gentle, but good. She finds the hidden follicles that no one else seems to find when they are smaller and can find my hidden ovary better than anyone. In the end my follies are too small for it to matter that my husband is going out of town next week! SWEET!!! I feel so much better about things because of that. I mean I like moving faster because that would mean I’m not as much of a turtle on femara, but not for this cycle. Husband says maybe next cycle if they up my dose of femara I will move quicker and he won’t be out of town then.

Anyways – my lining was still thin – 3 point something I think. I had three measurable follies she said. One on my right that was 9mm and two on my left an 8mm and a 7mm. She said I also had a bunch of smaller ones on my left. I could have sworn I saw another measurable one on my right ovary right below my 9mm one, but she didn’t measure it. I guess she counted it in the bunch of smaller ones. I dunno though, I’m not trained in using those machines.

So in summary yea for the femara working so far for day 15. Hopefully once husband is home from his trip things will be big enough to get ready to try and things won’t last forever like the last time.



  1. phew is right! what a relief that must be!

    and…next cycle? girl, tell your hubby there won’t be a next cycle! fingers crossed this one does it for you guys!

    • Haha, I told him 😉 I hope your right.

  2. Awesome! What a relief. Let those follies do their thing and by the time your hubs is home it’ll be time to get down to biz. I love it, such good news. PHEW!

  3. It’s so stressful! Everything has to be timed so perfectly.

    My follies were slower to respond on femara, too, compared to clomid. But, it’s a blessing in disguise because now it doesn’t coincide with your husband being out of town.

    Good luck and hoping those follies grow nice and big!

    • I was really slow on the clomid actually – last cycle on clomid I had to wait till day 30 to trigger. Definitely a blessing in disguise this time 😀

  4. Talk about a stress relief! Glad that the timing is working your way!

  5. EC

    Yay! That’s great news!

  6. Lin

    Great news all around! Glad to see that the switch to Femara is going well! Definitely NO to hubby’s “next cycle” talk!! 🙂

  7. Jessica

    That’s great news!! Don’t you love when your body ACTUALLY cooperates!

  8. perfect!!! …and let’s hope there’s no next time- it’s gonna be THIS time!

  9. Phew indeed! Glad the timing worked out for you guys!!

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