Electric blankets

Yesterday I had some interesting times when I figured out around 6pm that our heat was not working right. I had the heat set to turn on at a certain degree setting, but the house was registering at five degrees below that. I couldn’t get it to turn on. Great. When hubby came home he tried playing with it, but couldn’t get it to work right. We luckily got a fixer man to come that night and he said we need a part that will either be delivered today or not for a while. I am hoping for today because before we learned his trick to fix the heat (only a quick fix that won’t always work) it was cold. So *fingers crossed on that*

Because I had been cold during most of the evening I turned on my electric blanket and it was lovely. However, the next morning I remembered something I had read on the net. Electric blankets can be bad when ttcing. The heat and the electromagnetic something or other can cause issues. From what I read it seems to affect things right as your ovulating or if you are pregnant already. So I seem to be safe since I’m not to the ovulating point yet. But still I am going to be careful and wanted to stick that fact out there for anyone who hadn’t heard about it.

Ok time for me to run out the door and get to work. Side note – since I started work I have lost about three pounds 😉 I think it’s because I have a long walk to my office from the parking lot and because I’m not sitting at home snacking. So yea for that and I hope it keeps going. Also, there is an apple event today! I’m excited. I also wish it was friday so I could see what is up with my follies to see if they got bigger and to get a better idea of the timing of things.



  1. I hope your heat problems don’t continue! What a pain. In our last house, our bedroom was upstairs (a converted attic) and there was no heat at all. It was so cold in the winter you could see your breath! We had a space heater that worked well but we also would turn on our electric blanket for an hour or so before we got into bed and then turn it off. Nice, toasty bed, no worry about negative effects from electric blankets! 🙂

  2. EC

    Congrats on the 3 lbs! It’s hard not to snack when you’re home all day. I hope time flies, and that you get a good report on Friday!

  3. Eeesh about the heat! Hopefullyt the part will arrive today and you can get it back on. Thanks for the tip about electric blankets! I hadn’t heard that.

    Well done on the weight loss! That’s excellent! Good luck with growing follies on Friday!

  4. Ugh! Last year our boiler died and we had some COLD days. Sounds like work is treating you well–yay! If your work building has any stairs, adding that it as part of your new “exercise routine” could be fun.

  5. We have an heated mattress pad — I LOVE it!! But I am too afraid to use it now, sadly. Do you think it’s safe to use if you let it heat up for an hour before bed and then turn it off and just let the accumulated warmth warm you up?

    Congrats on losing weight!

  6. I wish I could lose 3 pounds! It’s been harder for me than I anticipated. GO YOU!

  7. Good for you with the weight loss!

    Sorry about your heat – that really sucks monkey balls. I didn’t know about the electric blanket thing…. Even though I don’t have one I’ll have to file that bit of knowledge away just in case.

    • haha, sucking monkey balls is something I would say 🙂

  8. PS Thanks for your comment LFL. Yes, our RE’s do seem shockingly similar. So do our issues with TTC! Thank you for blazing the Femara trail. I am so thrilled it’s woooooorking! YES!

  9. A

    My mom used an electric blanket with my sister (25 yrs ago), and now we tease her that “that’s what’s wrong with B”…. Ha!!! Hope your heat gets fixed soon!! 🙂

  10. Great job on the three pounds! 🙂

  11. hope your heat is back up and working! didn’t know that about the blankets-thanks for the info. and THAT’S AWESOME about the 3lbs…if that happened to me it would give me such inspiration to keep going!!!!

    when’s your next monitoring agian? hope it goes great!

  12. good luck today! can’t wait to see how many follies you have!

    yay for losing 3 lbs! that’s fantastic! hopefully you won’t need to buy a size down, because you’ll be pregnant in no time!

    and thanks for the tip about the electric blanket. i’ve been using a heating pad for my PIO shots but only for a few mins afterward to help distribute the oil.

  13. p.s. i really like the new look! 🙂

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