First Femara Monitoring

Today was long, but I survived. I am not sure if it was because I took sudafed (12 hour) at 11:15am or if it was because hubby and I had a little fun before bed. Either way I had the worst time falling asleep and didn’t get to bed until 12:30-1am. I then kept waking up and then finally had to get up around 5:45am. I think I got a total of 5 hours or so. I did not want to wake up, but I did it.

My first femara monitoring appointment was at 8:15. I had to get gas first and it was pouring so of course I was nervous I was going to be late. I was good though and called the office to let them know I might be running late. I managed to get there right at 8:15am. The funny thing is I was worrying about being there on time when in fact I was the one who had to sit and wait. I got my blood done quick, but I had to sit a little bit to get an exam room. I was getting nervous, but in the end I got a room and was done in time to make a brisk walk to my office.

The scan itself went alright. I felt like the nurse should have used more gel or something. She kept trying to search for my one ovary and it felt so dry and sore as she moved it around. Not fun. She found two follies on one ovary and could not get a good view at all on my other one. If I remember correctly she doesn’t do the greatest scans. I hope I get a different person next time. She said things were still small and they would probably see me later in the week. I don’t know why I didn’t ask the sizes then, I guess I was concentrating on getting to work on time.

When they did call later this afternoon to schedule my next appointment I did get some answers. The nurse or whoever was dealing with me wasn’t all that pleasant though. The way she talked made me feel like I was asking stuff I should already know or inconviencing her. Whatever. I asked about the size of my follies then even though I was in the middle of my office – not many people were there and I was quiet. She said they were both 7×10. That’s not bad for day 11 I would think. I was trying to find out follicle sizes for my other first monitoring visits, but they normally don’t tell me the sizes. However, in the last cycle I was annoyed that I only had a 8mm on day 17! So that sounds a bit better. My next appointment is on Friday morning. Hopefully they will continue to grow and we will get a better picture of my other ovary the next time.

When scheduling that friday appointment I forgot that I didn’t have to work. I was trying to schedule it at 8am so I could go before work and not have to mention it to my boss that I had to take time off. The lady was like well an ivf cycle just started so a lot of people may be coming in and out. She said she could schedule me for 8am, but if there were people in front of me then I might have to wait a bit. Why schedule me for then if I don’t have a firm appointment? I don’t get it. Luckily I don’t work on Friday’s so I could schedule it for later in the morning. That makes me nervous though. What if I can’t get an appointment before work? I thought about possibly taking an early lunch at like 11:30am or something when it might be less busy, but then I would worry about things running long and being late coming back. That might be ok though because most people are going to lunch at 12. Though my boss always goes to lunch at 1pm. Oh well.

Just realized that hubby will be leaving for a business trip monday of next week and won’t be home till thursday some time. If I do cycle earlier it may be during that week! *%^&#. How annoying is this. Maybe I will have to contemplate doing an IUI, which I would rather not, but I would think about it if it was my only option. Question for those who have done iui’s – do you have to have fresh spe.rm the day of the procedure? Like if my husband was gone on monday and I had to have it on wednesday would I be out of luck? I read a bit about frozen spe.rm iui’s and some people are saying the count can go down a lot. Hubby also said maybe they can put off the ovidrel shot for a day or two so that he can get home in time. Gah, I hate not knowing if even if I do get to try this cycle my hubby might be away. You never know I still might cycle late and he will be home. I don’t know though. There went my happy mood.



  1. I *think* the sperm has to be produced that day…although I’m not sure. I’m sure your RE can tell you how best to proceed.

  2. Jen

    I also think the sperm has to be produced the same day, usually 1-2 hours ahead of when you need to be there so they can spin it (or whatever they do!). Good luck, I hope the timing works for you! Has your RE explained why they often have trouble seeing one of your ovaries?

    • Nope. They always say that some peoples are harder to see. Usually my bowels are in the way. A lot of the time they have me press down, but sometimes that doesn’t help. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the skill of the person doing it.

  3. I’m going to have to agree with above pp’s. I think that the sperm has to be fresh. I’ve never heard of it done any other way, but maybe your RE has a better idea ?? Good luck with the timing. It’s so hard to get IF tx’s done when we are people who are trying to live normal lives, you know. =)

  4. Hoping the RE can shed light on the swimmers situation and that it all works out exactly like it’s supposed to/you want it to.

    Great follies tho, this Femara stuff seems to be kicking some butt for you, awesome!

    • Thanks Egg 🙂 I hope so too. I keep telling myself it will all work out in the end but my brain won’t shut off.

  5. EC

    I agree with everyone else – I think the sperm has to be produced that day (within a few hours of the IUI). I hope it works out for you – how frustrating!!!

    When I saw my RE, they didn’t take appointments for monitoring. It was first come, first serve, and they put a sign-up list outside their door in the morning for people who wanted to get in and out before work. It was insane! I’d have to get there super early, and there would be this row of cars with women waiting for bloodwork and ultrasounds. Once they opened the door and let us in, it was another hour of waiting. I swear I would spend two hours there, all in an attempt to get to work in a reasonable amount of time! Anyway – my point is that I think that RE’s need to come up with a better way to handle appointments. It makes things more stressful!

    Femara seems to be working for you – good luck!

  6. I’m with the others. I just did my first IUI last cycle and they were able to keep the sperm incubated for up to 6 hours max.

    I know how hard timing can be. Hopefully, it all works out! I’ll be checking up on you to see how things are going!


  7. I actually asked the nurse when I got my IUI done… I think that they would prefer to do the same day, but I *think* I remember her saying that the sperm can live for at least 24 hours. I know you would need it for longer, but I think it is definitely worth it to ask!
    Good luck girl!

  8. (I was so behind in reading your blog but I just caught up! So please excuse the “back-commenting”.)

    First, congrats on your new job! Yay! and I love the new blog layout – I’ve always thought you blog title was very clever 🙂

    Sounds like appt scheduling has been a real pita. I hope that gets better for you as you and the office learn to work together. I’m sending lots of hopeful thoughts to you for this cycle! That sucks about your DH’s business trip – what crappy timing.

  9. sorry bout the bad experience at the docs…but yay for some growing follies! about the frozen sperm…i don’t know for sure…i’d think they like to use fresh…but what about people who pick sperm from a sperm bank-that’s been frozen awile- so i’d think you could freeze it!

    • That’s what I was thinking. I think it would be possible, but I hope I don’t have to do it. Guess I will have to wait and see.

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