Last night of Femara

Well I figured out why I had a headache for five days or so. My lovely husband managed to share his cold with me again. I barely have it at the moment, just a bit of a sore throat and tiredness. I hope I don’t get stuffed up soon. I can feel a little of it. This season has brought too many colds to our house.

Tonight is the last night of 2.5mg of Femara. There were no crazy side effects to report compared to the clomid so that’s good. I’m happy and I’m sad I’m taking the last pill tonight. I’m happy because that means I won’t have to take any more crazy drugs for a bit. I’m sad because that means I won’t be taking anything to help this whole process to keep going and I have to rely on my body to be doing the right thing. I hope that Monday shows something promising even if it isn’t much of anything. I would go for some apparent follicles or a thicker lining.

If you don’t read my blog through google reader you will notice I changed the layout of my blog. I am proud to say I created my banner all by myself. It’s not anything amazing, but I think it’s pretty good for being a noob at it. I also enjoy my little picture titles on my right side bar. Though now I’m wondering if I should have made the font black instead of a light blue. Anyways, I’m pretty happy with it, I hope you all like it as well. I made it in adobe photoshop and paint.



  1. JC

    Hope you feel better soon. And I love your banner, it’s really cute!! Good job!

  2. I am loving the new layout! I try to stay away from google reader for the very reason that you can’t see all the hard work and thought and consideration that people put into their blogs. I like to go to everyone’s blog directly. People can be so creative. I am very proud of you for making your banner yourself. My hubby and I stared at the computer together for hours figuring out how to make mine. Lol! I was just thinking that I should change mine, but I don’t want to sit around for another day remembering how we did it the first time. =) Maybe soon…..

    • Thanks 🙂 I think the two hardest parts is getting the size right and getting what you want on there to look the way you want it to.

  3. Congrats on your last dose!! I love the layout! You’ve got skills!

  4. A

    I did notice your new layout, and I think it’s very cute! Excellent job!! Hope your cold doesn’t get full-blown!!

  5. Your blog looks great, you did a wonderful job with the banner! Good work!!

    I’ve heard that Femara can be alot easier on the body than Clomid, I wonder why more docs still default to Clomid? GL on Monday!!

    • I think it’s because it’s been around longer and Femara technically isn’t meant to be used as a fertility drug. It’s a breast cancer drug and some people get mad at fertility doctors who prescribe it.

  6. Love the new banner! Sorry you’re sick…hope you feel better soon!

  7. Leslie

    Your banner looks awesome! I am very impressed! Thank you for your post on my blog! I hope that we both have great follie checks tomorrow! I hope that you feel better soon too!! I look forward to checking back tomorrow to hear how your follie check went! GL to you!

  8. MK

    I’m happy to hear you had no side effects! If my period shows up on time, I’ll be starting Femara next week. Can’t wait!

  9. EC

    Good luck…hopefully everything will go as planned! I love the new banner! Sorry about your cold. 😦

  10. OMG- I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new look – very cool!

  11. Congrats on the new layout – it looks great. I’m glad to hear that you didn’t have any side effects on the femara. I just finished my last month of clomid – femara is next – and the side effects have sucked ass.

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