Night 3 of Femara

Tonight will be the third night I take my Femara. I am on 2.5mg a night. So far it’s not too bad. No hot flashes, which is great. I have had a headache for almost four days now, but I had one before I started Femara so that could be something else. I finally took some tylenol tonight and am feeling a little better. Hopefully it won’t come back. Today I felt myself getting grumpy and tonight emotional/hormonal, but after I had a cry, took some tylenol, and ate some dinner I felt better again. So maybe I was just low blood sugar? I dunno. I sorta wish it was Monday already to see if anything is happening in there, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. It’s probably too soon to see anything. Nothing else to report at the moment.



  1. Jen

    good luck with the Femara, hopefully it will be the winner for you!

  2. JC

    Good luck!!

  3. Hoping Femara is the magic bullet for you. When is your next monitoring appt to check on the follies?

  4. It’s funny to me that you’re talking about taking Ty.lenol, bc my hubby and I were just discussing the difference b/w Ty and I was telling him that Ty never helped take away my headaches, and hubby says that he only takes Ty bc he took once in his lifetime when he was younger and he had a bad side effect. I personally think there’s he.roin in or something bc it’s the only thing that ever helps me. I take a sh*tload of it on CD 1 for the cramps. Anyhow, not that any of this is the point of your post, but I’m just babbling away here like I had too much coffee this morning. Lol!

    Hope you stay feeling better! =)

    • I mostly take Tylenol because others cause me stomach issues. I use maximum strength.

  5. I am sorry you’re feeling crappy. I hope the Femara is doing its job so that it’s all worth it!

  6. rainingblossoms

    I hate headaches! I am so sorry about feeling poorly. I hope that Monday is all good news!! In the meantime, have a great weekend!

  7. glad the Femara’s better than the clomid…hope monday’s report is great!

  8. I’m glad to hear it is going well! Hopefully 2.5mg will do the trick for you but if not just have them move you up to the higher dose next month. My body never responded to Clomid when they tried that but so far Femara has worked. Strangely I had the most intense side effects when I was taking 2.5mg, I haven’t had nearly anything as bad as that experience with 5mg. Who knows, everyone is different but I’m praying it does the trick for you!!!

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