I called in to my RE this morning to schedule my baseline. I became a bit annoyed when I couldn’t get an appointment when I was off of work after 3pm. All the appointments were already taken so I took the only one that was reasonable, a 2:45pm appointment and left thirty minutes early. Hopefully since I will have planned appointments for the rest of this cycle I will be able to schedule them with more flexibility. Luckily, because my job is so close to my RE and flexible I came in 15 minutes early today and I will do that again tomorrow or stay late by 15 minutes. Thirty minutes made up easily.

The appointment itself went fine. I gave them my left arm to take blood from. I was nervous because sometimes if they aren’t the greatest blood takers they can’t get that vein to co-operate and I end up getting stuck again on my right arm. Luckily it cooperated. I didn’t miss those scans. I thought my ovary looked like a flying saucer. The nurse doing my scan said that is fine as long as you don’t have any alien babies. LOL! That cracked me and her assistant up. She seemed to be measuring a lot of follicles on both ovaries. I was like is that bad so early? She said no, it’s all the follicles who will have a chance to grow for your cycle. I don’t remember having that many before, but I could have just not been paying attention. So we will see. I don’t know what my lining was at, but I guess it doesn’t really matter since I’m just starting my cycle.

So my instructions are to start my Femara tonight and take it for five days which would be Friday night. Hopefully I will have less side effects like most people have been saying. She said that since I go really long on cycles I will go in again next monday, which would be cycle day 11. That doesn’t seem like she is going long to me. All you normal people when do you go back to have your first monitoring appointment to see whats up? *shrugs* When I went to schedule my first monitoring appointment I said I could do 8:15am or 3:15pm. She said 3:15pm was too late because they want to get the blood work on the same day so we went with 8:15am. It kinda stinks that I have to get up early, but I guess thats good. I will have the appointment 45 minutes before I am due in work, which will hopefully be enough time and it won’t be too busy then either I bet. Also, I won’t have to leave early so yea for that.

While I was talking to the nurse at my appointment she said that there is a possibility that I will respond better to the Femara than the Clomid and cycle earlier. When I did respond to the Clomid I triggered on day 21 and 30 so I sure hope so. She said it might not, but that there is a chance. So *fingers and toes crossed*



  1. good luck! all the meds i’m on now are no problem at all. actually makes clomid look like a demon. i think the femara will be great for you!

    getting up early sucks, but getting that appointment out of the way without having to worry about rushing in the afternoon seems like the way to go.

  2. My scan was at CD 10 or 11, and I have a regular cycle, so you’re right – it’s not very long. I’ll shrug with ya.

    Good luck, and may the follies be with you!

  3. brandyshea
    • I’m sure they were. Still made me feel hopeful.

  4. EC

    I hope things go well with Femara and that your cycle is shorter!

  5. Fingers crossed for you!! 🙂

  6. Best wishes for this cycle. I didn’t have any problems with Femera, I actually liked it better than Clomid.

  7. Good luck!! Go Femara GO!

  8. A

    Good luck this cycle! Hope you respond better to Femera!! 🙂

  9. Good luck!!!!! I also saw a ton of follicles. She said part of it is normal, and part was b/c of PCOS. … Also– for me, Femara is much better than clomid as far as hormones go! Clomid made me a wreck! I didn’t have any side effects last month with Femara, and only one really emotional day this month. (so far) 🙂 I’m going to try to MAKE myself get on here more often and check everyone’s blogs!

  10. I think I would go in around day 8 or 9 for my first peek. I hope the Femara isn’t giving you any trouble and that you get good news on that first appt!

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