So far so good

Hi all. Sorry for not blogging in a bit. Getting used to working after being out of work since May is hard. I know I’m not working full time, but I am ready for bed by the end of the day. Hopefully I will get used to things soon. So far the new job is good. I haven’t really done much yet, it’s all been training on stuff for the place I work, not even training on what I’m doing yet. This week we will start to get into things so hopefully that will go well. Working also means I have less time to read/comment on every single entry all the time. I do read all the entries when I get a chance to sit down and my brain is awake, but I don’t always comment. So just know I am still following you guys.

We went out of town this weekend and just got home. I’m tired and don’t have tomorrow off. Oh well. I called my RE’s office friday because I knew my period would come this weekend and I was worried because I would be out of town on day 3 and they wanted me to start Femara then. They said that they could get me in for a baseline wanding on Monday and I could start my drugs then too. AF did show up friday night but she is really light compared to all the hormonal crazies she gave me. I’m going to call in to my RE before I go into work tomorrow morning and make an appointment for when I get off. I’m a little skeptical about this cycle though. Everyone I have read on the net have done well with Femara but at a higher dose. So I have a feeling this will be like my first cycle of clomid, good, but not enough. It will suck to have another cancelled cycle, but if I show promise on this drug I guess that’s a good thing.



  1. It’s always super hard getting back into the swing of things, soon enough, you will get plugged into your work groove (and you won’t feel so worn down afterward work each day). And NICE on cycling again!!! Don’t count this cycle out…you never know what dose is right for you, stranger things have happened that beginners luck. 🙂 I’m thinking positive thoughts and BFPs for you!!

    • Stranger things have happened. I hope your right:)

  2. Good luck with the Femara. I don’t have tomorrow off either…wish I did!!

    • My husband does. I am telling him it’s his job to make dinner 🙂

  3. I love getting away but it’s always so tough coming back!

    Good luck with your RE and let us know what she says!

  4. Al

    Good luck this cycle, I hope the femara does the trick! I have to work tomorrow too 😦

  5. good luck with the femara! and don’t count this cycle out yet! it’s just getting started! i’m keeping everything crossed for you!

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