Happy 100th entry to me. I wish I could have some positive news for this entry, but oh well. I had a big discussion with the husband over dinner last night on what we were going to do. I was getting nervy having everything up in the air and not knowing what we were going to do. I did a bunch of internet research on some topics and he put his thoughts in. In the end we decided on doing a cycle of Femara. Femara might be a bust and do nothing, but here is our reasoning.

1. Femara is supposed to help women with PCOS respond better than clomid
2. Clomid helps you get a lot of follicles (well it didn’t for me), while femara is supposed to help you get one good one
3. Femara is cheaper than injectables and there is a coupon online to get 30 days free
4. Clomid thins your lining, has side effects, and messes up your cerv.ical mu.cus while Femara does not do any of these
5. I read on the net many women who did ovulate on clomid and never got a bfp, but got a bfp the first or second cycle on femara.
6. Husband is nervous about injectables and wants to try something else first. He is nervous about the cost and the fact that we could get too many follicles and have to cancel the cycle. He is all for just having one good follicle.
7. I feel like I would wonder what would have happened if we didn’t try it and just moved into more evasive things. It may drive me crazy because nothing might happen, but we will at least have more data.
8. I’ve heard clomid along with PCOS can make you ovulate late. Each time I’ve been on clomid my cycle has gotten longer and longer. I want to see if Femara will shorten it any.
9. If I do get this position it might be helpful to not have a more involved cycle like injectables which I’ve never done before the first month I’m working there.

So we shall see what Femara brings. Hopefully a shorter cycle, a better follicle, and a bfp.

Had my second interview and I think things went well. I did say something about appointments, but nothing about fertility or pregnancy, because I was asking about flexible hours. They didn’t seem that phased so *fingers crossed* I will hear from H.R if I get it, though I’m not sure when they are going to call. Probably some time after christmas. I hope everyone has a great holiday!



  1. I hope that Femara does the trick and that you get that job!

  2. Al

    Good luck with Femara, I hope it does the trick for you!

    GL with the job too, sounds like it’s a good opportunity.

  3. I agree with your decision and I hope it works well for you! Merry Christmas!

  4. yay for 100 posts! i think giving femara a try sounds like a good idea. i hope it does the trick for you.

    and i hope you get the new gig! good luck!

  5. I’m glad you two talked and were able to make a decision. Good luck!

  6. femara sounds so much better than clomid. I wish I had taken that instead of clomid.

    GL with the job and the baby making! Wishing and praying for you….baby dust! baby dust!

  7. and happy 100th post…so gald to have you here and especially as my friend. You are one of the sweetest bloggers! 🙂

  8. Congrats of 100 posts!!! and YAY for your decision – I hope it works for you!!! I know what you mean about wondering if you should just go forward with more evasive things – in hindsight I wish I did since it’s been 10 months and we’re not PG…but at the same time, if those other cycles had worked I would’ve been much happier to have conceived in that wat…GOOD LUCK with the Femara and with the job interviews!!

  9. Happy 100th post!

    I’ve been looking into Femara myself for our next cycle.

    • Well I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

  10. Happy 100th post! I am glad you guys picked something you feel most comfortable with. That is the most important thing. I am crossing my fingers that Femara does the trick!!

  11. Good luck with the Femara!! And the interview!

  12. A

    Glad you got things sorted out 🙂 Hoping femera works the first time!

  13. Sounds like a great plan. I will be crossing my fingers that this is the magic bullet!!!

  14. Keep hope!

  15. Happy 100th post! (sorry I’m late in commenting – was back-logged!)

    Femara sounds like a great choice! I don’t know much about a cycle with Femara so I’m looking forward to reading how it goes for you.

    Sending lots of good vibes for getting the job!

  16. It’s a crazy medicine world out there. I wish you all the best.

  17. I am a big believer in Femara (though I don’t have PCOS), because it didn’t thin my lining or give me the crazies like clomid did. I just got a BFP on my third IUI and second Femara cycle. I just made my blog private, so if you are interested in joining send me an email to Hope you’re well. Happy New Year!

  18. Happy New Year!

  19. Sounds like a good plan – and a well thought out one! Hope you get one nice big beautiful follie that brings you a BFP!

  20. Kacey

    Best wishes for 2010! I hope it will be good for both of us. I start my 1st ivf cycle in Jan. Here’s to a blessed year!

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