I have been quiet on my blog as you guys have probably noticed. I found that if I take a step away from my blog I don’t obsess over it as much and my break is a tiny bit easier to handle. I have read your entries, though I have been a bad commenter. I’ve just been trying to take a step back from having infertility in the front of my head every second of the day. I’m still a glutton for punishment and do things that I know might get to me, but that’s another story. I also waited to write because I had my consult with my RE today and I didn’t want my 100th entry (which will be next entry) to be a sad one. So here is my update.

I feel much better now that the consult is over. I was having visions of having to have a lap a day or two after christmas. My RE doesn’t think that I need to have one for at least two to three more cycles of things not working. It was also good to hear that he doesn’t think I’m likely to have tube issues. In this meeting we basically brainstormed what we would do next cycle. There are a lot of options and we didn’t really come to a conclusion. In the end he said that we should think about it and let him know what we decided. I am leaning towards one option, but I also want to hear what you guys think. So here are my options:

1. 150mg of Clomid
2. Femara for five days
3. Injectables (the smallest dose possible)
4. 100mg of Clomid and then a few days of injectables

I’m leaning towards #4. I did ovulate although really late on 100mg of clomid. Maybe the extra bit of injectables will do the trick and make things happen earlier. Or maybe I just need the extra push of a bit more clomid at 150mg. My RE said that Femara works for some people better than clomid, but there isn’t a huge group of people that it worked wonders for compared to clomid. Another part of me is like let’s just do this already and do injectables. I don’t know enough about femara so I have been googling. Anyone have any experience or knowledge about femara? I am feeling most strongly with #4, but I’m not 100% yet.

I asked about injectable monitoring so I would know how many days I had to be available in case I did get that position I was interviewing for. He said honestly not much more than you were already doing lol. I went in so much last cycle since it lasted so long. My second interview is tomorrow morning so we will see how things go. I am going to bring up that I am seeing a doctor for something and that appointments can pop up with little notice, but that I’ll stay late or come in early to cover my hours. So we will see how that goes.



  1. Jessica

    I hope whatever you treatment plan you choose helps make you a baby!!Good luck tomorrow at your interview.

  2. I am no expert on Femara or injectibles, but I have never understood why docs want to increase the Clomid dosage if you’re already ovulating. The sole purpose of Clomid is to induce ovulation. If you’re ovulating at the dose you’re on, then why increase that dose? It’s never made any sense to me. I agree with you on Plan #4. I’d rule out Plan #1 altogether. But that’s just me. Good luck with this decision!!!!

  3. Hi, I’m glad to hear that you are taking some time to yourself. This whole thing can get pretty overwhelming if you let it.

    Regarding your options, did your doctor lay out the pros and cons of each approach? I’m just don’t know anything about Femara. Option 4 sounds like a good one to start with for one or two cycles and then injectables only if that doesn’t work, especially if you find that Clomid is affecting your uterine lining.

    Good luck with your decision and good luck with your interview tomorrow. I hope it goes well!

    • He did a bit. He said it’s not an exact science and it’s up to us.

  4. I ran across your blog last week some time and just wanted to tell you that I like this post. I didn’t realize some of the options you put out there like the clomid for a few days then injectible. I’m getting ready to head back into treatments and will ask about these options to see if they might work for me. Good luck on your second interview and with the RE

  5. Just wanted to stop by to see how you were doing…wow, you have a lot going on! I know that you’re glad to have several options yet and that your doc was positive when it comes to tubal issues. My opinion always is to do what feels most comfortable to you and DH…easier said than done, I know but you know your body, heart and mind better than anyone else. 🙂

    Also best of luck to you on your second job interview…fingers crossed that it goes well!

  6. Wow, those are some big choices. I wish I could give you some advice, but I got nothing…oh wait…”USE THE FORCE”. That’s the advice my DH gives me when he doesn’t know what to say….we are geeky like that!

    I hope your second interview goes really well today. I always do really well at interviews…so I will send you some of my mojo.


  7. A

    I hope that if you choose injectables, the monitoring works out with your new job/schedule!! I really had no problems with injectables, but with Christmas and New Year’s coming up, the monitoring would have been very hard to schedule. So back to clomid for us for a month! Hopefully my body will like the change-up and give me a baby!!

  8. ifcrossroads

    Just my opinion but I’m a fan of injectibles. My reasoning is this: if you get “stuck” mid cycle and still haven’t o’d, you can always up the dose of the injects as you go along. I think, that in your circumstance, given late ovulation, that I’d lean towards the injects b/c it will give you more options.

    Now if you were an over-responser on the clomid I’d say not to rush to shots. But, since you’ve had response issues, it’s my opinion that injects would be a good call.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.

  9. I agree with ifcrossroads. I had such a better response on injectables and a better experience all-round. I actually felt like things were working like clockwork. In your situation, it might make more sense because it would most likely help get you to a near-standard 30 day cycle and give you a few more follies to work with to up your odds.

    I hope you are able to make a decision that best suits you and that you have lots of luck in 2010!

  10. I am a huge fan of Femara. I have PCOS and tried clomid 3 times with no success. I tried Femara for 5 days and ovulated 3 times. We used an Ovidrel injection the 2nd 2 times to help time the IUIs better. We didn’t get PG, but now know that’s due to sperm issues, so we’re moving on to IVF. My RE didn’t want to do injectibles with me becasue having PCOS I have so many follicles there they could all mature (think Jon and Kate) and I’m not comfortable with selective reduction so we’d either have to cancel cycles if I had too many or have too many kids at once. I think you’ll know what decision to make in the end. I will add that Femara had hardly ANY side effects for me compared to the Clomid which was not fun and didnt work.

    • Thanks so much for your post and for sharing your experiences. It’s hard to find someone who has been on Femara or knows much about it 🙂

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