I hate bc pills

Grrrrrr. Just got off the phone with a nurse from my RE’s office. It was negative, I knew that. I am ok with that. I knew that it was coming. What I am not happy about is they want me to go on bc pills again to supress!!! I hate being on a damn break month. I said that I was on a break month the one before this and I felt like it did nothing. She said well your hormone levels were all over the place before you were put on bc pills and this cycle they were better. She also said that since you have been on clomid for three months your lining is thin. She also said that she was talking to my RE and he was talking about starting me on injectables instead of clomid so that is another reason he wants me on bc pills, to give me a fresh hormonal start. Gah.

So now I have to schedule a consult with him to discuss what our next steps are going to be. I have a feeling it will just be ok, clomid didn’t work so I think we should do injectables like the nurse was saying. I’m scared that he will also bring up doing the lap again. Just thinking about it scares me. Luckily, my husband the go.v.er.nm.ent worker he is had a lot of leave time so he has the next two weeks off. So I’m going to try to schedule it so that he can come with me and maybe help some with my scaredness. I’m waiting on a call back from my patient coordinator to see when that consult will be.

So in summary. GRRrrrrr I don’t want to be on bc pills. But maybe being on injectables will make me be one of those elusive people that have a semi normal cycle that doesn’t go to day 30 to ovulate? Who knows.

Both of my grandmothers are in the hospital. One with a dis.lo.ca.ted shoulder and one with he.ar.t and br.ea.thing issues and is being transferred to a nur.si.ng home soon for a couple of weeks. Fun day :/



  1. I am so sorry for the double (triple) dose of bad news. I hope your husband can come with you for your visits…it always helps me when mine is there! I hope your grandparents get better soon! (((HUGS)))

  2. I’m so sorry about your grandmothers and your negative. I know the BC pills suck but I’m hoping that they do the trick to help regulate your hormones.

    I hope that things get better for you. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  3. Crap! Don’t hate me, but I kinda agree – if your lining is thin, you need a Clomid break. I know, though, it IS frustrating!!! Boo! 😦

    • I don’t hate you 😉 I just hate the waiting and sitting doing nothing.

  4. That sucks, I’m so sorry! I know it’s so hard to take a month off when you so desperately want to keep trying, but it sounds like good advice!

  5. Ughh what a crappy day. I am so sorry the test was negative and you have to take a month off on top of that. That’s so frustrating!! If you DO move to injectables, I hope it gives you a clockwork cycle so you won’t have to wait so long in between cycles.

    I hope both of your grandmothers get better soon, too.


  6. Sounds like a tough day–my sympathies. I’m scared about my upcoming lap. (I don’t have the severe anxiety about it that you seem to, but kinda sorta know how you feel). I just tell myself that I’ll be out cold, unlike with the HSG. Anyway, I hope the RE doesn’t bring it up.

  7. JC

    Sorry for the bad news and about your grandmothers. I hope they get better soon. ((hugs))

  8. Jen

    Sorry to hear about your grandmothers and the BC pills. Hopefully they will get things on track and will hopefully lead you into a lucky injectibles cycle!

  9. So sorry to hear about EVERYTHING today. Keep your chin up! I know being patient sucks!

  10. I’m so sorry – that just stinks. I can imagine how frustrated I would be in your shoes. They only measured my lining after my first month on Clomid (it was fine)…although now I wonder if it’s thin – that is a side effect of Clomid isn’t it?

  11. Such a bummer. I haaaaaate having to sit out on cycles, it is so frustrating. At least you will be taking a pill every day so you can feel like you’re doing SOMEthing toward your goal. And I say bring on the big guns with the injectibles, heck yeah!

  12. Al

    I am so sorry to hear about the BFN and the break month, and your grandmothers. What a terrible day…hugs!

  13. EC

    I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time. I’m sure it’s exceptionally frustrating to have to take BC pills when you’re TRYING to get pregnant. Hopefully, though, you are on the right track! I hope this is your last BFN!

  14. A

    Gah, so sorry about the bfn, the pills, and your grandma’s!! I have had an awful day, too. The rest of today can only get better, right? Praying for you!

  15. Wow, yesterday sounded like a miserable day! I hope today was better. So sorry to hear about the bcps. I know how much it sucks to be on the sidelines. Hopefully it achieves what your doctor hopes and sets you up for a good (and successful) cycle.

  16. Sorry to hear about your negative 😦 *hug*
    I hate bc too but i’d say it’s definitely worth another try if they think it helped a bit this last time.

    (there are women who ov before CD30?? weird.)

  17. I’m so sorry about your neg beta- I think I’m still crying over the one I got a few weeks ago. It totally stinks…and a forced break isn’t fun either. I just hope that when we finally get PG and hold our babies that all these memories will go away. IT WILL HAPPEN someway or another!!!

    ps- hope your grandma’s are ok

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