Last night after I posted I continued to feel like af was going to show up. I kept going in the bathroom to see if I was spotting or if she was going to start soon. Around 9:30pm I went upstairs to put my progesterone in hoping that if she was going to come that it would stop it for a little bit. Weirdly, I felt positive about feeling like she was coming. It meant that I was feeling something during this 2ww and that many women who felt like they were about to get their period and had cramps like that got their bfp soon afterward. So I had everything crossed.

I had the worst time sleeping last night because I kept thinking about everything. Was she going to show? I got up to pee around 4am and she still wasn’t there. It is now 6:02pm saturday evening and she still isn’t here. Sweet. I had what felt to be menstrual cramps for a while last night, I think until the progesterone or a bit afterward. I woke up saturday morning and had more cramps that seemed a little more intense, but after I went to the bathroom I felt better and they seemed to go away. I think those were IBS cramps from what I ate for dinner last night. That makes me a little nervous. What if the cramps I had last night were just IBS cramps and not implantation cramps? I think they were different and I didn’t have that twingy feeling like af was going to come any second this morning like I did last night. So all of my fingers and toes are crossed. For today, I have had a little twingy cramp here or there, but barely anything. Nothing compared to last night or this morning.

Today we went over to my in-laws. I helped my MIL make three different kinds of cookies while husband and his dad fixed stuff around the house. We made date balls, thumb print cookies, and wreath cookies. It was fun, but standing on my feet for 4 hours made me tired and my legs a bit achy. I was glad to go home. However, now that we are home the fact that I am going to be testing tomorrow morning is on the forefront of my mind. If I could I would run upstairs right now and test, but I want it to be the first pee of the morning so I have the most chance to get a good result. I’m nervous. If it’s negative I know I will have two more days till my beta where it could be positive, but I seriously doubt that if tomorrow is negative that the beta will be any different. Who knows though. I just wish it would be sunday morning already. Although we are going to have chinese for dinner tonight and watch Coraline.



  1. JC

    Lots and lots of luck with your test tomorrow morning. I’ll be thinking about you and hoping for a BFP! =)

  2. omg – the waiting is SOSOSOSOSOSOSO hard!!!! I hope you get a BFP tomorrow morning!!!!!! Enjoy your chinese and the movie!!!!

  3. Hey! Just wanted you to know I gave you an award – come see!

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