Some people don’t post every symptom they have during the 2ww so that they don’t bore readers or get their hopes up too much. I worry that I will bore my readers, but I enjoy reading back on my previous entries and comparing symptoms so I am going to continue to do it. Tonight I feel like af is coming. I feel that twinge down there and have had a bit of cramping. I have no spotting though. So hopefully af stays away and pregnancy comes my way. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it 🙂 I’m not sure when I’m actually due for a period. I started this cycle on Halloween and haven’t had a period that was not brought on medically in a while.

Today I was having a lot of trouble keeping the 2ww off my mind. I watched a lot of internet television to keep my mind busy. Thankfully the weekend is here so hopefully I will be busy and time will go by quicker. I am making cookies tomorrow! Yum. I went to Walmart earlier in the week to buy a bunch of stuff and came home with two pregnancy tests as well. I’m thinking of testing sunday morning. From reading back in my previous entries this is good. Last time I started testing at 9dpo lol. Husband doesn’t understand it, he keeps saying that I should just wait for the blood test. I want to know going in what the result will most likely be.

Happy Hannukah!



  1. Don’t feel bad about posting all your symptoms. It’s a great way to create a record for yourself!

  2. Lin

    Definitely don’t feel bad about posting your symptoms! It’s help for you and interesting for us! I hope that AF stays away and/or doesn’t require medical induction! Thinking of you as we both hang out at 10DPO!

  3. I hope this is it for you! I totally get the need to pre-test, before the “official” test. I do it all of the time, and my Hubby likes to complain that I flush all of our moolah down the toilet.

  4. ifcrossroads

    Wishing you lots of luck for a BFP!

  5. I agree, hearing your symptoms is educational and interesting. 🙂 I’m pulling for you BFP!!!

  6. If I didn’t post my symptoms every cycle, they’d just become a blur and I’d never remember anything. Remember this blog is for you, first and foremost! I like hearing other people’s symptoms, anyway. Makes me feel less OCD about myself ;). GL!

  7. My husband thinks I’m NUTS with the testing – I literally test EVERY DAY from day 10 to day 15 (or whenever Beta has sadly been Neg) – they don’t understand that we NEED to know if there’s something going on inside and we JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!

    As for posting your symptoms- POST POST POST! Every 2WW I search to find symptoms to relate to – it helps all the 2WWers not feel alone!


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