Weird question

I have a kind of weird question. I know that sore bo.obs is a symptom that some women get in the 2ww when they are pregnant. In the early stages of that do you feel it all the time or is it a once in a while thing? I know I am grasping at straws here *grins*, but last night my bo.obs were a little sore. They felt like someone was poking at me from the inside and it was warm. However, this only lasted for about twenty minutes or so and then went away. Or I will feel a warm squeeze feeling on one bo.ob and then it will go away. I also felt a little like af was coming soon, but that went away as well. I never get sore bo.obs when af is coming so I have no idea, or maybe I just never noticed lol. Has this happened to you or am I just a bit nutty? 🙂 It’s ok if I am nutty.



  1. A

    I think the symptoms in early pg do come and go alot- but I had the sorest bbs EVER last cycle, and unfortunately we didn’t get a bfp… praying for you!

  2. That’s a hard question to answer! It sounds promising though since you have never had sore boobs before!!

    • It could just be the progesterone I know, but I’m having wishful thinking 🙂

  3. I get sore boobs every month right before my cycle, especially when my cat walks on them. 🙂 I always hope that they’re a sign that I’d pregnant, but I haven’t been so lucky yet. I have read that the sore boobs caome and go, in early pregnancy, but everyone’s different, I guess. Here’s hoping!!!! How many more days do you have?

    • My beta is on tuesday, but I’m thinking of testing on sunday.

    • haha, my cat walks all over me too. He walked up my stomach last night 🙂

  4. Jessica

    It is really hit or miss with my cycles as far as my boobs hurting. Some months they hurt and others they don’t at all like my current cycle. I hope it is a good sign for you!!

  5. Lin

    Hoping it’s a good sign!!! Fingers crossed!

  6. EC

    I hope it’s a good sign for you!

    I don’t really have much advice…sometimes mine hurt, and sometimes they don’t. So far, neither have meant much of anything, but I am hoping it’s different for you!

  7. I never get sore boobs so if I ever did, I know I’d be hopeful. Glad you’re feeling a little somethin’. 🙂

  8. JC

    I get sore boobs on some cycles but I’ve never had a BFP. They were really sore last cycle and I thought I was preg but I wasn’t. BOO! I hope you are.

  9. I get the sore boobs occasionally, but it always just turns out to be PMS. This cycle, I was convinced I was pregnant because I did NOT have sore boobs. You just never know until you know.

  10. Jen

    My boobs never bothered me in my life until I started Clomid. I think they hurt my 1st couple cycles on Clomid more than they did at the beginning of my pregnancy! Hopefully it means good things for you!

  11. When I had the pregnancy sore boobs, it was the “I can’t run downhill with my A-cups without crossing my arms” type of pain, but that’s probably when I noticed it enough to log it. Plus, it’s different for everyone, so hopefully your symptoms are a sign of good things to come!

  12. Well, I hope that the soreness is a good sign for you! 🙂

    For me, in the first few weeks, things were hit and miss as far as that specific symptom went (and I do usually have sore boobs before my period. It was usually at night when I noticed it most, though, if I noticed it at all. Like the PP said, it is different for everyone but I’m hoping that your symptoms are the real thing!

    Fingers crossed for you!

    • When I do have it I have it at night as well. Interesting.

  13. I’ve read on so many websites that that’s a good sign – i hope it is for you!

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