Today it is dreay out. We got a lot of rain and there is flooding around the area. I feel dreary myself. I had a good day of volunteering yesterday, went grocery shopping for the week, and then did some cooking at home. It was the first day I got up early and volunteered since I got my cold. Today I’m feeling it. That may make me sound wimpy, but oh well. I want to stay in my pajamas for a while and just lay low today. I have been trying not to take decongestants, to ween myself off of them, but it hasn’t happened yet. This morning I woke up with my right ear hurting because all the fluid traveled to my ear. Oh fun. Yes, I’m whiny this morning.

I’m 8dpo today and as each day passes I feel more and more convinced that I’m not pregnant. Yes, I still have some hope, but it’s getting pushed farther back. I have little cramps here and there, but not much else. I know that a lot of people don’t get symptoms as you guys keep reminding me (thanks), but I’m still not convinced. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I also have a couple of questions. Since I use ovidrel does that mean I will always ovulate my follicles? Since I use progesterone suppositories does that mean that they will increase my progesterone levels no matetr what? Just wondering.

I at least have some things to look forward to that will hopefully get me through the rest of this 2ww. I applied for a neat sounding job where I volunteer. I mentioned it to the head person I report to and she sent an email to the department the job is in. So maybe that will help me. Also, on saturday we are going over to my in-laws. I will be helping my MIL with making holiday cookies. Each year she makes huge batches of many different kinds of cookies. She will be making my favorite – date balls – especially so that I can eat some while helping. Yum.

As the drugs have been kicking in I have started to feel a little better. I started thinking of my tortoise status. If it took me to day 30 to be able to use my ovidrel would it be possible that my body is also really slow in getting to the implantation stage and showing me any symptoms? Who knows, just a thought.



  1. Jessica

    I hope the next week flys by for you. I hope you feel better soon.
    Have fun baking cookies!!

    • Jessica

      I mean FLIES by…

  2. I always forget we live nearby each other — I was thinking, yeah it’s totally gross and rainy here, too. It took me 2 hours to get through all the rainy traffic and into work and then I stepped in a huge puddle and soaked through my shoes, socks, and pant cuffs. Ugh, what a day already.

    Congrats on being over halfway done with the 2WW. Just a little longer now … hopefully the cookie baking will be a great distraction and time will go quickly!

    • Ugh, that does not sound like a fun morning. Were you able to dry off or change at all?

  3. I hope the rest of the wait goes quickly! Have fun making cookies! What are date balls? They sound interesting!

    Good luck with the job! I hope it works out.

    • they are basically dates cooked in sugar, egg, butter, and rice crispies, and then made into a ball and then covered with powdered sugar

  4. Lin

    I’m here at 8DPO with you…thinking very similar thoughts that this isn’t the month. However, neither of us is out yet! Hang in there, girl! 🙂 (((HUGS)))

  5. Al

    you’re half done with the 2ww…hang in there. Have fun making cookies with your MIL and good luck w/ the job.

  6. It’s so hard to know what’s going on inside our bodies. I remain hopeful for you!!

    PS Those cookies sound delish!

  7. Little crampy twinges are often pregnancy symptoms too. Also, both times I was pregnant I was convinced that I was not because I had zero symptoms. Keep the faith!

    As far as Ovidrel being guaranteed to trigger ovulation, I’ve read that docs like to say it works in 95% of cases. I think it’s actually higher, that in the face of the influx of HCG, your follies are pretty sure to release. But I’d read a few stories of ladies who had multiple follies and saw one of them still there a week after the trigger. Since HCG completes the maturing and release of follies, maybe sometimes those resisters just weren’t close to mature yet.

    For progesterone, I would imagine that your body can’t help but increase in P4 once you introduce additional external progesterone. I haven’t heard of anyone being resistant to absorbing progesterone, but it’s definitely possible that I haven’t (yet) heard all the stories ;).

  8. Ugh! I hate being sick, so I feel for you! I’ve had a bit of a cold myself the last few weeks. I hope you’re feeling better soon! The job sounds awesome btw! I really hope it comes through for you. To give you some hope in the 2ww, I’ve always hear implantation doesn’t happen until between CD8 and CD12 which is why early testing is looked so negatively on. I’m praying this is the case for you and you’ll start having some symptoms very soon!

    • Thanks for the hope. It is much needed and appreciated 🙂

  9. The 2WW is serious psychological torture!!!! If you can, enjoy and focus on the fun things – like the holiday cookies and soon the wait will be over – I hope you get the best news possible!

  10. I hope the rest of this 2WW goes quickly for you!

  11. Hang in there. 8DPO is not the worst place to be. Of course the analysis paralysis can take over, but it will be done soon. Hopefully you can stay busy and next week will be here before you know it!

  12. I’m with you too in not having any symptoms. I’m hoping for you that no symptoms still means your PG! Best Wishes for your BFP!

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