Back home

We went to see my parents this weekend to celebrate a late Thanksgiving and an early Hannukah. It was nice to see my parents again. It was also good to get away from normal life, which made time go by faster. On saturday we did a lot of eating, watched two movies, and it snowed all day. We went shopping on sunday and then headed home. My cold is still here, but I’m hoping I’m heading towards the end of it. I’m still surviving on my Sudafed and Benadryl. When I’m on the drugs it’s like it’s barely there, but when they wear off it’s not so fun.

I’m 6dpo today. I have to admit I was doing some googling a bit. It made me feel better that many of the ones I read didn’t have any symptoms until at least 7dpo. I am hoping implantation happens soon. I have been looking at the toilet paper to see if I see any bits of blood. I have had some symptoms that “could” be pregnancy symptoms, but mostly can be attributed to something else such as major burping when I haven’t even had any soda in over a week or anything bubbly, gas, and more reflux than usual. My bo.obs felt heavier than usual during part of our trip home, but that is probably something to do with the seatbelt. So I guess I have to wait and see. I figure that until friday most symptoms are not really pregnancy symptoms. It doesn’t stop me from hoping though. I go between thinking that it hasn’t worked to having some hope that it might have. Husband thinks I’m nuts that I keep hoping that my bo.obs start hurting.



  1. Jessica

    It is so hard to decipher phantom symtoms from the real ones. I hope you start getting real pregnancy symptoms soon!!

  2. Lin

    It’s so frustrating that half the pg symptoms can also be AF symptoms! What’s girl to do other than drive herself crazy trying to tell the difference?! *sigh*

    I’m at 6DPO and impatiently waiting right along with you. Hoping this is it for you!!

    • For me they can also be ibs symptoms so who knows. Yea your on the same dpo as me 🙂

  3. This month was my first BFP ever and I was completely, totally, utterly fooled into thinking AF was coming. I always thought I’d know and I totally didn’t. It’s insane. Looking back though, I remember that my CM was in great abundance around 8 DPO and onward and I felt implantation cramps on 8 and 9 DPO. Nothing before then! So don’t worry that you haven’t noticed anything yet.

    I am so hopeful for you!!! Hang in there!

  4. Remember that implantation spotting is the exception not the norm, so if you don’t see it, don’t worry! I had it once with one pregnancy and not with the other. FX big time for my fellow tortoise! 🙂

  5. A

    I am glad you had a nice trip! I totally do the same thing- going back and forth between knowing it’s our month to feeling sad because I’m not so sure. I hope there’s a baby surprise in store for you!

  6. Some people get no symptoms, so try not to stress about that one way or the other (easier said than done, of course). Glad you had a few days fly by with your trip. 🙂

  7. Al

    Glad you had a nice trip to see your parents. I hate trying to decipher symptoms…I try to not check and not think about it, but it’s hard when you want something so badly. I hope they turn out to be RPS! 🙂

  8. Sounds like you had a great holiday…and SNOW! I am sorry you are still feeling cold-ish. I know waiting is hard, but I am hoping the best will come of this cycle! Happy Monday!

  9. It’s hard to think about other things, isn’t it. Wishing you luck for this cycle!!!

  10. ifcrossroads

    As others have already said, implantation spotting isn’t always common. (I didn’t have it) and so are the sore bbs (didn’t have those either) … I’m hoping big things for you this month!!!!!!

  11. Good luck!!! The 2 ww is sooo hard! I also know people that don’t get symptoms – so don’t read too much into it if you don’t get sore bbs! Sending you some extra prayers! I hope this is your month!

  12. I hate the not knowing! And the symptoms…I’ve convinced myself so many times that the symptoms I’m feeling are actually pg related instead of AF related. Crossing my fingers for you for this cycle!

  13. It’s so hard to not know! I am finally ending my two-week wait tomorrow, and my “symptoms” are driving me out of my mind.

  14. Ugh, another cycle, another two week wait, another obsession with dr. google! If only the two week wait were shorter, life would be better. At least you had the nice visit with your family. I hope the next week goes by quickly for you!

  15. You are not nuts!!!! If you weren’t hopeful and looking for signs and symptoms then it would be like you didn’t care (not saying that’s true of everyone of course)…but I’m with you on that! Try not to get carried away with Dr Google, I know I do! GOOD LUCK!!

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