Lil Stuffy

So yes, husband did manage to give me his cold. I’m doing ok though. I’m a little stuffy, but not full blown. I hope it doesn’t get worse. I did call my RE’s office this morning to find out what I could take. The nurse on call said I could take plain sudafed no PE or DM and I can take benadryl at night which is helpful. So as soon as I get in the shower I’m going to go get some sudafed. I had not been taking anything the last day or so and that is kinda sucky.

I’ve been on the progesterone suppositories now for a few days and they knock me out so much. I feel so tired and out of it when I am on them. Last night I also had some insomnia. I woke up at 3:25am to blow my nose and then couldn’t get back asleep until two hours later. However, once I took my next progesterone sup I went back to sleep a bit later 😉 In addition I was watching a food show last night and wanted to eat what the guy was eating really bad. That’s probably the progesterone again.

I added a little ticker to the right of my blog entries. It has a little turtle as the ticker thing. I thought that would be appropriate since it took me so long to get to the 2ww. Not much else to report. I’m going to my parents this weekend which will make three days go by fast so yea for that.



  1. Lin

    Sorry to hear about the stuffiness! That is certainly no fun…and the progresterone sounds like no fun either!! Glad you’re officially in the 2ww, though! FX!

  2. peanutnoodles

    Ugh, I hope you get over that cold soon!!

    So what was the guy eating on the food show that looked so yummy? 😉

    • I was watching man versus food. It’s basically a show where this guy travels to cities and pigs out and then does a eating challenge. He was eating giant cheeseburgers and then stuffed sandwiches.

  3. I watch that show sometimes! And to answer your Q on my blog, yep…we watch Iron Chef! We also love Kitchen Nightmares! I’m sorry you are sickie…hopefully in less than two weeks you’ll have a new reason to feel nauseous, morning sickness! (I mean that in the best way!!)

  4. Al

    Sorry you’re all sniffly, I hope it goes away quickly and turns out to be for a great cause – one BFP, in what, a week and a half now?? yea for the 2ww. (doesn’t it seem to last forever?) Hope you’re keeping yourself mind busy.

  5. babybaker

    hope your stuffies go away soon! i love the turtle ticker! go follie, go!

    maybe all the sleepiness will help you pass the 2ww faster. 🙂

  6. aww sorry you’re sick! But I love the ticker … 12 days to go!!

  7. Sorry you’re getting sick, but I was happy to read that your cycle went through and you were able to try. Good luck the next two weeks!

  8. Blah, I have a cold too! It stinks big time! Food shows are evil…always make me hungry!

    Love the ticker!

  9. Sorry about the cold – feel better soon!

  10. Sorry you’re feeling sick! Hope that cold goes away soon. I’ve had one myself for the last couple of weeks and I can’t seem to shake it. No fever though, so that’s good! Ooooh, the next few weeks need to hurry! I’m hoping you get good news soon!

  11. Feel better! I had terrible side effects from progesterone, yuck.

  12. Boo! Sorry you’re sick! 😦

  13. i love your ticker!!! perfect with the turtle!

    Sorry you’re not feeling well-me neither.

    I hope you get a BFP in 2 weeks so that you’ll be rejoicing about getting this cold!

  14. JC

    Sorry you got a cold. I hope your 2ww goes by fast and you get a BFP too!

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