Day 30 – Gooooaaaalll

After waiting thirty days, getting up early three mornings in a row for appointments, and getting stuck in both arms this morning I finally get to try! I got there early for my appointment this morning at 7:45am and sat out in the hallway with two other women who were also waiting. I wanted to say something about stirrup queens to see if any of them blogged, but I didn’t. One I think might have been twittering though.

Finally got in and I was first to get my blood drawn. I went for my right arm because it had been behaving lately. She went in on the same spot my last draw was and couldn’t really get anything. She started wiggling the needle around trying to get it and that was not pleasant. She finally gave up and went in my other arm. I call them my battle wounds lol. When I had my scan I was like woah that follicle is huge. It was hard to measure the other smaller ones because it kept getting in front of everything and was like look at me! I think the measurement was something like 19×23 or something. I am not sure exactly. She then said I can take my ovidrel tonight and then start the oh so fun progestrone suppositories tuesday night. I made it! I finally made it!! *fingers and toes crossed that this cycle is the one and won’t have to go through this again* The hubby is still majorly stuffy, but oh well, I finally made it, we are going to do it.



  1. Jessica

    I am so glad that your body made a big follie!! I hope this is the cycle that gets you a BFP!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. See, patience works! Best wishes for your cycle! Have fun with the ovidrel!

  3. Oooh, congratulations! Good luck!

  4. I’m keeping everything crossed for you!!!

  5. YES YES YES!!!! So excited for you!!!

  6. Mic

    whoo-hooo!!! so excited for you!!!

  7. YAY!!! You made it!!! How exciting is it to see a big follie on the screen, right?! Good luck with what’s next!

  8. Great news! Best of luck for this cycle!

  9. Al

    Very exited for you! I hope you get a BFP!

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