Day 29 – Still monitoring

My body is officially a slow as.s turtle. It is day 29 of my cycle and I still am on monitoring. They say I’m close – my follicle is 17×18 – the other one stopped growing – and my lining is getting thicker. However, I have had to go in friday morning, this morning, and tomorrow morning. That is three mornings in a row on thanksgiving break. I am sick of having to get poked and scanned and then told I have to wait just a couple of more days until I get to try. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited I finally have a good sized follicle and I’m ready to be able to try. I just wish we would get there already. I mean who does monitoring on day 30? Most people would know if they were pregnant already by now. My body is nuts.

*Yes when I wrote this entry I was tired, cranky, and hormonal lol.



  1. babybaker

    it’s okay – you are allowed to be cranky and hormonal during this process! sorry everything is moving so slowly! hoping you get a great report tomorrow so you can move on to the 2ww!

  2. Don’t be sorry for being hormonal/cranky! You have been patient long enough! I am so glad you are just around the corner from getting to try!!

  3. How frustrating! And I agree that it’s totally normal to be hormonal and cranky during all of this. I hope everything goes well the next time you go in!

    As a side note, I spent most of this morning crying uncontrollably while blow drying my hair. Hormones aren’t fun!

    • I watched a clip of Disney on ice on the news and cried when Mickey came out 😉

  4. Al

    You have a right to be cranky and hormonal!! I’m going to be a mess in two days on 100 mgs of clomid. ugh!

    I’m so glad you will get to try this month and I hope you get a bfp soon.

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