Different scanners? *updated*

I went back in this morning to have another monitoring visit. I’m glad my follicles are finally growing, but sheesh I wish I would get to the point where I get to try already. This cycle is becoming way long. I read on the internet somewhere that late ovulaters have less of a chance because their eggs/follicles are older. I asked about that and my nurse said that it isn’t true. She said they are mature when they are mature.

My title for this entry is different scanners because I had a new lady that I don’t think I’ve had before. I was kind of disappointed she didn’t say, “Hi, my name is __” when she came in. Anyways, she did my scan and wasn’t giving me much detail until I asked. She measured my left ovary follicles and found a big circle on the screen and measured it at 14 something I believe. She also measured a smaller one that I don’t remember the measurement. I was like what happened to my big follicle? She asked the lady in the room and she said yea I had a bigger one last time. So she measured it again and then she was like yea, this is 17 by something. I was like phew. But then I started thinking, if I hadn’t said anything she would have just left the measurement as smaller. I am pretty confident in my last scan since my actual RE did it. So my question is have you guys had different results from different scanners? Maybe it was just a hard view to measure, but I left wondering what else she might have measured wrong. She also didn’t seem to look around as much. So I dunno. All I can do now is wait for my blood work to come back. She said that they are looking for my estrogen to be 200 and for my follicle to be 18×18. That might be a bit longer still since I don’t think my big follicle grew more than 2mm or so. More waiting.


Just got my estrogen results and they are 195!!!!! Sweet. That is a big jump from tuesday which was only at 91. They want to see me tomorrow morning. I’m almost at the trying point. That made me feel better 😀



  1. As a soon to be sonographer (scanner), I can tell you that we all scan and measure differently. We have all scanned the same person and we are all off but a few mm. It can make a huge difference when it comes to follicles but not so much when it is the liver but it happens because of how well people can see. Some people can’t make out the picture as clear as they should and miss where the should start and stop measuring.

  2. Oh, experience also makes a difference and how much she has scanned. Hope this helps you!

    • Thanks. I was hoping you would reply since I knew you were studying to do this professionally. I looked my person up and I think she might be an RE, but I’m not exactly sure what her position is.

  3. EC

    Sorry you have to wait so long! I’m sure it’s frustrating. I don’t know about the techniques of different scanners, but it seems like it’s a little bit subjective. I hope your bloodwork comes with good numbers!

  4. I hate the whole idea of the clininc- I have same problem all the time, with different people monitoring me – they all have different ideas about everything – I have to stay on top of everything. Good luck!

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one with this issue. I guess it happens more in bigger clinics.

  5. Al

    I’m glad you probed her about the follie sizes, I’m not looking forward to this mess next month when I’m finally monitored. Glad they’re still growing and I hope they’re mature v. soon!

    • Don’t worry, most people don’t take forever to get mature follicles like I do. Some people have even started on their second cycle before I finish.

  6. Jen

    Glad to hear you are moving along for this cycle–slowly but surely!

    Also, not sure if you got my email in response to your quesiton on my blog, but I just did 1 injectible cycle; that was following 6 Clomid cycles and 2 Femara. hope that helps!

    Good luck!

    • I did get your response, thanks 🙂

  7. There are generally two different people who monitor me, and they get pretty consistent measurements. The big difference between them is that one is MUCH gentler with the ultrasound wand. The other…well…I really don’t like when she does my scans.

    I’m thinking extra growing thoughts for your follicles.

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