The little ovaries that could *updated*

I called my RE’s office yesterday morning to ask about timing. I knew I was going to see my RE, but I knew that I had a scan and blood work first. I asked if I should come earlier because I was meeting my RE as well. They said not really, that my RE was going to be doing my scan. I was like ooh ok. That made me feel better because having to sit down and discuss in the RE’s office is more formal and more ominous.

So I went today and had my appointment. My RE is a really nice guy. He had warm hands too, which was good because I was cold. He did my scan and my follies are actually still growing! I have my biggest at 13×16 and I think another at 11. I think he said I had a 8mm too, but I can’t remember. My brain was blown by the fact that they are still growing and one is sorta getting big. So I’m not really sure if I have two or three and what the measurement of the second one is, but wowie on the first one. I am bad at math so I was like well what size is the big one? He said average it together so it would be 14.5mm maybe 15. Mature is at 18! Go follicles! Can you believe it I’m at day 25! My husband keeps telling me not to get caught up in the numbers, that I’m ready when I’m ready. RE said that it’s the PCOS probably making me so slow and that he had a woman do something similar and she did get pregnant. They had to count backwards to figure things out.

So in the end he said he has to look at my hormone levels and see if my estrogen is still rising. He did say though that even if it isn’t he will still probably give me a few days because he has seen follicles grow even when they aren’t rising. I have a feeling I will probably go back on friday, but we will see what he says. As far as my next cycle I have a feeling he wants me to try for one more round of clomid at 150mg. He said I could do injectables, but said that we would start out at the lowest dose and that I would need to be monitored even more closely. He said that my cycles would probably be even more drawn out because they would start slow. So we will see what happens. I liked having my appointment with him. He’s the knowledgeable one and could answer my questions and make all the decisions right there.

I was right in that I will be going back friday morning. Good thing I’m only going to my in-laws for thanksgiving which isn’t far at all. When she called I also got my numbers. My estrogen went from 73-91! I also do have three follicles 😀 Two are bigger – 13×16, 12×14, and then 10×9. My body is starting to work finally!



  1. JC

    Yay ovaries!!! I’m glad they started working for you!

  2. That is great news! Glad your ovaries are doing their job!!

  3. HOORAY!!! Grow follies grow! So excited for you! Three!!

  4. Al

    Keep on growin’ follies!

  5. That *is* good news! Good job ovaries! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Cool beans! Maybe your ovaries will like turkey, and will grow, grow, grow in 3 days time.

    • Mmm I like turkey so my ovaries should 🙂

  7. Lin

    WooHoo! Go, follies, Go!

  8. Glad to hear that your follies are behaving!

  9. This is great news! I will be praying for nice big follies for you! 🙂

  10. yay! it’s such a great feeling to see those follies grow!

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