The cycle that doesn’t end

I thought about writing this entry right when I got home, but I’m glad I waited some.

I had my 21 day monitoring visit today. I wasn’t feeling very positive. They found my left ovary and didn’t find anything on it. They looked at my right ovary and I had an 8mm follicle and an 11mm follicle. That would be great if we were on day 12 or something, but we are way at the end. So it looks like my 8mm grew three mm in four days. That is really slow. The nurse said that they would look at my blood and if my estrogen was still going up they would give me some more time and if not they would cancel the cycle. I was upset, but didn’t let the tears out until we got home.

I asked what the nurse what we could do since my follicles are so slow. I was like can we use femara, some sort of an estrogen patch, or something in addition to clomid like injectables or something? She said that they don’t really use femara, but that she would talk to my dr to see what next steps were. She mentioned putting me back on bc pills for three weeks to get my period. I was like I don’t want to go on bc pills. I was on them last time and this cycle coming off of them sucked. I was like I want to be put on provera or prometrium. She said that they are more likely to cause cysts. I said well I have been on them many times with no problem and I don’t want to wait for three more weeks before I can do anything. She said she would get my blood results and then talk to the dr.

So fast forward four more hours and she finally calls me back. She said my estrogen went from 66 to 73. It is going up! So that means the cycle is not canceled yet. They are going to give me until tuesday. On tuesday I will go in for my normal blood work, ultrasound, and then I will be sitting down with my actual RE to discuss what to do next. I haven’t sat down with him since before I first started clomid. It makes me a little nervous. I was not able to do the sono and the hsg like he wanted because I’m a wimp when it comes to procedures. I am just slowly getting comfortable to the speculum itself. I know he had said way back when that if I wasn’t pregnant after all of the doses of clomid that he had wanted to do a lap to see what was going on. However, if I have only been able to try once and have barely growing follicles, that isn’t something that a lap would fix right? It seems that I’m just not on the right medication or the right amount. I don’t think that has anything to do with blocked tubes or fibroids. Am I right? I sure hope so. I hope he just wants to talk to me about my whacked out cycles and to suggest maybe adding injectables or something. We will see I guess. I just want to be able to try. I am so jealous of all of you who have normal growing follicles and actually have a chance to try each month.



  1. I don’t think you need a lap unless you have some evidence of endometriosis/hemorrhagic cysts/other issues. I know some docs like to “take a peek” but with no real reason you do not want to undergo surgery. And you’re right, you haven’t really had many chances to actually try. I really think seeing what a round of injectables does makes the most sense. Obviously you and your RE need to figure out your path together, but surgery when there is no reason is usually not the best plan, especially when there are other options you haven’t explored yet. However, the HSG is a good idea to be sure your tubes are open, and it’s really not too bad!!

    I am sorry things aren’t progressing as you’d like, but I hope your estrogen keeps climbing and you still get a shot at trying!

  2. A

    I’m sorry you’re having a slow time- I imagine it is super frustrating when you only want to get the show on the road! I agree with PP- I’d really try injectables if I were you.

    However, before injectables or even any more clomid cycles, I would ABSOLUTELY get the HSG. I’m surprised your doc/RE doesn’t have that as a requirement like mine does before any fertility meds…after all, it doesnt matter how many follies you have if they cant get down the tubes!!

    I’ll be interested to hear what the RE says… good luck!

    • He does, but I had a hard time with it so it wasn’t done yet.

  3. You need to sit down with your follies, and give them a stern talking to! They need to either shit or get off the pot! And don’t take no for an answer!

    Sorry your cycle is going as hoped. =(

  4. Al

    I’m sorry your follies are still slackin’. It sounds like clomid isn’t doing the trick and it might be the right move to go with injectables. ..I really hop3 The HSG really isn’t terrible, it’s quick, and there’s cramping but it’s not horrible. I hope that your follies keep growing and you get to try this cycle.

  5. PCOStory2009

    Sorry you’re disappointed, but at least you still have a shot this cycle. Best wishes for good follies.

  6. Hugs! I hope your follies grow for you!

    As far as the lap, I only had a tiny amount of scar tissue on one of my tubes that they saw in the HSG. I decided to do the surgery…and it turned out I had stage IV endometriosis. I had no idea because I had no symptoms.

    I would recommend at least doing the HSG. It’s not horrible, and a lot easier than surgery. Plus, it’s good practice for doing IUIs, since the concept is basically the same.

  7. Wake up follies!! Though it’s great the E2 is still climbing, there’s hope!

    Honestly with you, I would not agree to go on BCPs or any other sort of suppression. Like me, I think you’re already naturally suppressed and they wouldn’t do anything to help, and could in fact slow you down everyone more. The estrogen patches are certainly worth asking about — they’re supposed to help with quality and quantity. In addition, I had a MUCH better response this time using Menopur (LH + FSH) instead of pure FSH (Gonal-f), so you might want to ask about an injectable with LH, if you decide to pursue injectables.

    Finally, as for the procedures, I think you’re going to have to suck it up, hon. You really, really should get an HSG and sono. I didn’t find either procedure to be bad and they’ve a fairly easy way to rule out potential problems.

    As for endo, you cannot see it on an u/s or HSG or any other external test. The lesions themselves are not discrete enough to show — though if you have cysts from endo (I had one on each ovary, 5cm) they might suspect the issue, but that’s not the case with you. If you do have endo and there are lesions from it on your ovaries, it certainly could be affecting your follicular growth, as they’d be covering surface area. Unfortunately, ultrasounds are just not precise enough to see that and sadly the only way to definitively diagnose endo is to take a peek inside. But a lap is a much bigger procedure (though easy since you’ll be under anesthesia) with a recovery time of 3-5 days, as opposed to the much easier HSG and sono, so I’d definitely do those first.

    GL, it sounds like you have alot to discuss with your RE!

    Sending you tons of GFG (Grow Follies Grow) vibes!!

  8. I’m so sorry that your body is not responding quickly! I definitely agree with all those above me who recommended injectables. It’s nice because if you’re responding slowly, they can up the dose to help the follicles along.

    Hopefully the extra few days were just what you needed and you can get the show on the road for this cycle!

  9. hey Lady, I am just getting into your story from the top and wishing you all the best. 🙂

    WTF about the nurse saying that Provera/Prometrium cause cysts?? That really has me freaked out. I’m on a non-medicated cycle, trying to get rid of a 10mm cyst, and b/c I don’t ovulate or menstruate, I’ll be starting up the Provera in about 10 days. Yikes.

    Anyway, glad to be following along! 🙂

    • This is the first I’ve heard of it. I think it has more of a chance with people who have PCOS. I’ve used it before no problem though.

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