Comfort eating

Thank you so much for all of your notes and suggestions you guys have provided me. I am keeping it all in my head to discuss for my next cycle. I cycle between believing that my baby follie will become mature and make it to thinking that it won’t and that this cycle will be canceled. The waiting is killer. I was thankful for volunteering today. I was able to lose my thoughts in the chart I was creating (it came out a really pretty chart that I was proud of) and forgot about everything for an hour or two. I really hope my levels keep going up. I’m wondering now if they will keep me on clomid, after all this has been my third cycle on it, my lining is thin, and I’ve only gotten one mature follie once. However, I haven’t reached the highest amount yet.

Comfort eating is what I have been doing recently to get through everything. It has been getting me through each wait until my follie checks. I know it’s not the best thing to do to get through things, but it’s what I’m doing. I enjoy eating carbs. Two weekends ago I noticed the effects of comfort eating. My pants were getting tighter and some of my shirts were not fitting right. Then about five days ago (I don’t remember the exact amount) I got on the scale and I lost two pounds. I hadn’t changed what I had been eating really, it just happened. Then a few days later I dropped some more weight. I have lost about four pounds in the past week or two. I’m thinking that maybe the metformin has started to kick in and is causing the weight loss. I’m not sure though, since I’m pretty sure metformin is supposed to make you lose weight by not craving the carbs. So I dunno. I’m just hoping that the crap I have been eating the past couple of days doesn’t hit me soon.

Random question for you guys – I have been trying to figure out how long we have been ttc. I’m not sure what date to start with. Would it be Feb when I wanted to start trying, but couldn’t because I then didn’t have a period for three months (feb-may)? Or would it be in June when I started going to my RE for testing? Or maybe July which was my first medicated cycle. I’m just not sure.



  1. I’m on my last ditch effort with Clomid (150 mg) and I am also wondering if it’s time to move onto other drugs since I don’t seem to be responding well to Clomid. Hang in there.

  2. It’s hard to eat right when there is so much stress and waiting. I am guilty of that too.

    As for when to start counting…I tend to count from the first month we tried (Feb 09)…no matter if I had a period or not.

    Good luck with this cycle.

  3. A

    I wish I could do some comfort eating and lose weight!!! (As I scarf down way too many sour patch kids…) When is your next monitoring appt? I have been praying for you!

    • Thanks for the prayers. My next appointment is this friday morning. Hopefully everything is still progressing.

    • Mmm sour patch kids are good. I haven’t had them in a really long time.

  4. I start counting from the month that we started trying. It was August 08. No matter if you had a period or not, I believe that is the official start.

  5. I started counting from the month we decided to start trying…and I’m right there with you about the carbs, especially when it’s accompanied with chocolate 🙂

  6. Hey love,

    Don’t know if you know but I moved blogs. I don’t think you know cause I haven’t seen you in a while…I may be off, sorry if I am.

    I would count from when you started trying in Feb.

    Lucky girl, I wish I could comfort eat and lose weight. I’m headed to the gym after I comment because I need to lose my “comfort food” weight!

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